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Armand Rosamilia is on The Author Biz today

I’m a big fan of this author, his writing, and his “Authors Supporting Our Troops” project. Today, Armand’s on the Author Biz, hosted by one of my favorite podcasters, Stephen Campbell. As usual with these two, great episode:


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Two new writing/author podcasts for my little collection…

No, you don’t have to go out and immediately listen to them, haha. Is that what you think I’m suggesting every time I post some new podcast? For my part, I’ll be listening to them on my daily commutes and when the wife and I go driving to various places on the weekends (e.g., the grocery store, and thousands of interesting places you can’t even imagine).


Author Strong: indie-centric podcast with an emphasis on craft and achieving publishing success. By indie-centric I mean they have a lot of top-selling indie guests like Libbie Hawker and Robert Chazz Chute. I love how these guests return repeatedly (of course — because they’re good guests!).


The Taylor Stevens Show: a new (brand new) podcast with Stephen Campbell of “The Author Biz” and “Crime Fiction FM,” where he co-hosts with NY Times Bestselling author Taylor Stevens. Sure, she’s not an indie author, but she’s doing something I’ve been considering: starting an author podcast. So I’m going to be listening in to see how it goes as I formulate this idea that maybe I’ll create my own show one day.


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Best Podcasts for Self-Publishers

For those of you who don’t memorize my blog and check it each time to see if I’ve added another tab, you’re in for a surprise: I added another tab!

Here’s where I list all the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, and a little bit of info about each one. Enjoy!



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My interview on CrimeFiction.FM just went live

crime_fiction_fmI had a wonderful time interviewing with Stephen Campbell, one of my podcast heroes, over on his new show “Crime Fiction.FM.” These podcast episodes are fairly short, about 15-20 minutes tops. What I like most about them is that Stephen actually reads the books of the people he interviews — something unheard of in my experience.

If you listen and like it, and have an iTunes account, I’m sure he’d love a review.


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The show you never knew you needed: Writership Podcast

writership-podcast1400Over on the Sell More Books Show, Jim Kukral announced the launch of a new podcast as part of his new “Author Marketing Institute Podcast Network.” Unlike other author podcasts, this one focuses on craft. Specifically: editing.  Anyone who knows me, or who’s followed the Awesome Indie Project, knows I have an appreciation for good editing. I’m always striving to hone my skills, because the better job I do on my drafts, the easier it will be for a paid editor to help me prepare for publication.


I’ve listened to two shows so far, and both were great. The hosts — Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer — start the show with a quote about editing from someone famous in publishing, and not necessarily from the trad pubs (the first show quoted Chuck Wendig). After that, they choose a published or unpublished novel someone has submitted and read it on the air for about 10 minutes. Then they tear it to pieces! Haha, just kidding. Actually, they’re incredibly respectful of the work. They say what they like about it, and then suggest improvements from a number of different perspectives: story, pacing, sentence structure, etc.  In my opinion, they do a bang-up job. I really love this stuff and could listen to it all day.


One of the things I love about the show is the personalities of the hosts: calm, focused, friendly, earnest in their mission. Delivery is something I usually don’t think about when it comes to podcasts, but it’s an important consideration. Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast mixes bubbly enthusiasm with a Tony Blair accent, and it’s always fun to hear Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen riffing off each other so naturally on the Sell More Books Show. It’s no coincidence that I mention these other two shows side-by-side with Writership. They’re all winners.


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CrimeFiction.FM — Launch Day

Stephen Campbell’s “CrimeFiction.FM” podcast officially launched today, with 2 interviews posted. You can listen to them directly off the site ( or via iTunes.  The interviews are fairly short, 10-20 mins. Mine will be out early May.

For those of you with with access to iTunes, a podcast’s launch day is just as important as an author’s launch day. Reviews and downloads play a key role in early success. I plan to leave a review a little later today, after I’ve had a listen 🙂

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Interviewed by Stephen Campbell on his new podcast

stephen_campbellIf you don’t know who Stephen Campbell is, he’s the creator of a wonderful podcast called “The Author Biz.”  Head over to iTunes now and subscribe. He’s a great interviewer, easily on par with other great self-pub/author podcasters like Simon Whistler (Rocking Self-publishing Podcast) and Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn). Recently he interviewed Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and followed that up with an interview of Russell Blake, author of the smash hit “Jet” series.

I was just interviewed on his brand new podcast: “CrimeFiction.FM.” He has a 2 minute placeholder recording there now so that people can subscribe, but he’s already recorded a bunch of shows. They’re 10-20 minute quick podcasts with crime authors about new books. And get this: he lumps in indies and trad pubs both. All he cares about is the writing, the quality, and so I feel especially honored to have been tapped for an interview (he actually read my latest book, “Thief’s Odyssey”).

The more subscribers he gets, the higher he’ll appear in the rankings, the better visibility, etc., and I’d like to see this guy succeed. He’s a great asset in the indie community.

He told me the interview will likely go live in early May. I’ll make another announcement then.

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Spartan Up Podcast

My wife told me about this podcast, and at first I was leery of giving it a try (because I already listen to like 6 podcasts). Well…I gave it a try, and let’s just say I’m listening to “like 7” podcasts now.

The goal of the Spartan Up podcast is to interview people at the top of their game, from all walks of life, with the intent of figuring out what is it that makes those people excel at what they do. The lessons from each interview can be applied/translated to help you in whatever you’re up to in life.

Here are two to get you going:

With former navy seal, the one that inspired me to start working out again:

This one’s with Richard Branson — fascinating guy:


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Awesome Indie Carol Ervin is on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast!

I’m so happy for her — she’s come a long way from when I first read “Girl On The Mountain.”

Check it out:


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Scrivener Soapbox: interview #2

T.J. Redig was kind enough to invite me back on the Scrivener Soapbox, this time to talk about my new book, Thief’s Odyssey.

<< Listen Here >>


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