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  1. Jennifer Kempton

    I recently discovered “Kick” on Amazon and absolutely loved it. I stayed up late to finish the book and was so tired the following day at work, but it was worth it. I purchased “Fool’s Ride” the next day and read it as well. Just wondering, when will you release another in this series? I’ve downloaded “House call on Queasy Street” but I’m really craving another of your Jenkins Cycle books. Jennifer in Northern California

    • Heya Jennifer. I’m so happy you enjoyed the books. I can’t believe you read my Queasy Street story 🙂 So far it hasn’t been much of a hit (hehe). I plan more Jenkins books. I have a book coming out any day now, but it isn’t a Jenkins book. It’s a novel I wrote some years back about a thief. Modern day, nothing supernatural, but still a lot of fun (I hope).

      Thanks again!

  2. Jennifer Kempton

    Thanks for responding. So what is the name of your not-supernatural thief book? On Amazon Kindle?

    • I love responding! And thank you for those wonderful reviews! 🙂

      My thief book is called “Thief’s Odyssey.” It’s a first person narrative, like Kick, and it’s a little more hard-boiled. I’ve always loved movies about thieves, and wanted to explore the technical aspects of what it would be like to be a super thief (as opposed to a bum who breaks into houses and steals TV sets for drugs or whatever). It will be released exclusively for the Kindle. I hope to get it out this weekend, but if not then early next week, at the latest.

  3. Michael Dodds

    Hi, I got Kick on nook free friday a couple weeks ago, and now I have just finished Hopper House after reading Fool’s Ride a couple days ago. The concept is intriguing and the books are hard to put down. I hope we can expect more of them!

    • Hey man, glad you liked the books! I hope to write more of them, but right now I’m working on a separate project. I will say that comments like this, and the emails I occasionally get, are a big reason I’ve written 3 books in the series (and not just 1 or 2) 🙂

      Thanks again, man!

  4. C.D.

    I can’t express how lucky I feel to have stumbled onto the Jenkins books….all 3 of them, and then Thief’s Odyssey. I feel just like I did when I found Robert Parker at the beginning of his amazing career. So many hours of pure reading bliss…and sadness when I was finished with each book…then anticipation for the next ride. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re too good not to explode onto the Best Sellers scene. And don’t ever forget you have fans out here waiting for the next ride.

  5. swclemens

    Hi John,
    I came across your name when searching for a narrator for Time Management, a novel. I liked Steve Phelan’s reading of Kick. I’m a fellow indie author and would like to pick your brain about how, or if, you do much marketing and, if so, how you go about it. I released the book one month ago. It’s had 15 really very positive reviews, but sales have been very slow.
    Scott Clemens

    • Heya Scott. Best of luck getting a narrator. For me, the path to a good launch began 3 years ago and didn’t actually happen until about 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend you read 2 books:
      1) write to market
      2) launch to market (both by Chris Fox)

      I essentially followed that plan. The path to a good launch, paraphrased, starts with the selection of genre, story, etc. There are some other things, like doing Amazon advertising (which I did, by “keyword” through their tools available in KDP Select) and Facebook ads (Mark Dawson is a great resource).

      Check out all those podcasts I have in my podcasts tab. I also listen to all of those for tips on how to succeed. It’s how I found out about Chris Fox.

      Cheers, and best of luck 🙂

  6. Kat

    Hello! I just purchase your “Kick” novel from Audible, and absolutely LOVED it + the narrator was EXCELLENT! Any chance that you will be releasing the next two books in audio format (fingers crossed)? Please? I have recently been mostly purchasing books in audio format – due to failing eye sight – and It’s been fantastic to be able to read (well, listen to) my favorite genres (sci-fi and urban fantasies) in audio. I realize that audiobooks are probably very costly for a writer to put out, but I really loved your book and just hoping that the next two can be in audio as well (plus any other books you have available on Amazon). Thank you very much for allowing to post.

    • Hey Kat,

      Additional audiobooks are planned, but not currently in production. You’re right — they are a bit costly, haha. Especially for an indie author. I do want to use Steve Phelan again, because I agree, he is awesome. And he’s agreed to do the work. It’s all about timing, really. Ol’ Steve’s a Hollywood actor and he’s always doing auditions and films and stuff. Which is pretty cool.

      If you subscribe to my newsletter (if you haven’t already), you’ll definitely get notice if there are any new audiobooks in the Jenkins series. You’ll also get other notices, so you’ll have to up with that (my new books, for example).

      There is one bright spot: my audiobook for “Hell’s Children” will be coming out somewhere around September/October 2016. Totally different than “Kick,” but if you like that sort of stuff (post-apocalyptic fiction) then awesome.

      Thanks for reaching out!

  7. Kat

    Thank you so much for your reply! Looking forward to “Hell’s Children” and again, thank you!

  8. Hello – just heard your interview on Rocking Self-Publishing – so flipping good! It was awesome of you to share your strategies (actually in depth) and to even share some of the numbers you are seeing (which is motivating for newer authors like myself). After about 8 months of self-publishing (plus working full time and finishing a masters) I just had my first month of $100+ dollars. It’s a farcry from where I want to be, but its a step in the right direction.
    I’m going to listen to some of the other interviews you have posted. Thanks again for sharing some great info. Have a great day!

  9. eBookDaily


    “Kick” is highlighted today on


  10. Jonathan

    I enjoyed Kick very much on my Nook. I was trying to purchase Fool’s Ride on my Nook as well but could only find it on B&N in paperback and in fact, It doesn’t even show Kick as a Nook option anymore. Do you have any advice?

  11. Great interview on the Rocking Self Publishing pod cast. Inspiring and insightful stuff.

    Congrats on your success.

    Best Tony V.

  12. I enjoyed the Hell books greatly (finishing the second in two days). I don’t know if you plan to write a third, as I feel it could end quite perfectly over his parent’s graves or continue for decades of Jack’s life. Whatever you decide is rihht for tje story thank you for it.

    • Hey there, thanks for reaching out. Very glad you liked book 1. Yeah, I actually write my series books in such a way that they can continue or end there, so as not to leave readers hanging in the event of my untimely demise 🙂 Or something. But I do plan on writing another — but no ETA.

      Ty again!

  13. Y.A.A

    I just finished your novels on the Dark Age series, and THAT was worth reading as an “apocalypse survival reading book”, loved it ,thank you

  14. Nick

    Hello I just wanted to ask if this dark age is only going to have 2 books in the series, or are you going to write another I really enjoyed them.

    • Nick, for now, just two. My hope is once I’m able to go full time as a writer I’ll be able to write more of them. Sadly, in publishing, it’s always the new thing that sells, so writing a 3rd book in a slow-selling series won’t get me out of my cubicle. Same with my other series, “the jenkins cycle.”
      Glad you asked, sorry to disappoint.

  15. Vickie D Willis

    I wanted to leave a review on Amazon about the Mythian trilogy, but it wont let me. I wanted to give it 5 stars and let other people know to READ it. I loved it. Never a dull moment and full of adventure. I stayed up late for two nights in a row reading it because I couldn’t put it down. Part of me loved the story line and characters and the fact it took me back to all the fantasy sword and sorcerer RPGs I use to play on my PS2 lol.(yeah I’m that old) but also a part of me loved it because I would give just about anything if that was the way I could go into “retirement” some day. Great writing Mr Monk. Thank you for taking me on an adventure 🙂

    • Vickie, wow, thank you so much for reaching out 🙂 Very happy you liked it so much! Also disturbed that Amazon won’t let you review it … Was there some error? Perhaps you could try reviewing book 1, then 2, then 3 (kinda thing) vs. the “omnibus.” Just spitballing…
      FYI, there is a sequel on the way soon, no date set yet, but this year. Not from Ethan’s perspective, but from that of a necromancer named “Howard.”
      Cheers 🙂

    • Heya, I just saw your review come in – very nice of you! Looks like they just take a while 🙂

  16. Ed

    John, Howard could very well be your best. Any chances of a sequel anytime soon?

    • Ed, glad you liked it so much 🙂 No ETA on a sequel….follow-up…or even another book just yet. I hope that eventually changes, but alas, not a full timer at this. Thanks for reaching out!

  17. Christine Cluck

    Dear Mr. Monk,
    Will you be writing anymore books? I have been listening again to your Mythian series. Love, love, love them and would like to hear a continuation more of them in that series.

    Thank you,

    • Christine, I’m flattered you’re liking the books 🙂 ATM, kinda in a dry spell, but not ruling out more books in the series. Sorry I don’t have anything more concrete. Thanks so much for reaching out.

  18. matteo morganti

    Hi i’m english is not my first language but did not stopped me from loving “Hell’s children” and “hell’s encore”.
    I love the genre i would like to know if it would be a third book.

    • Matteo, thanks for reaching out! At this point, sadly, I probably won’t write a 3rd book. At least not until I’m retired (I’m 52…). The way publishing works is you have to be PROLIFIC 🙂 I’m not…wish I was. The problem is if you write a series and it goes cold, when you write the next book maybe 100 people buy it, and it doesn’t re-ignite the series — unless you’re already a big name.
      Again, wish I was. But I am happy you liked book 1 & 2. If it’s any consolation, my immediate thoughts about the characters would be:
      1) jack becomes a reluctant warlord who subjugates the country to his benevolent tyranny.
      2) lisa comes up with all kinds of scientific ways to destroy jack’s enemies
      3) greg struggles with drug addiction (pills only) as he performs spy missions into various enemy territories
      4) tony becomes the financier of the various campaigns — gun runner, gold, bribes, etc.

      Just a guess 🙂 Maybe I’ll write it some day.

      Thanks again,

      • Nate

        Ok, first I take issue with the comment that you’re not prolific. The post apocalyptic genre has been done to death and then done again, that said I’m a shameless consumer of this swill. I write this so say I have paid my dues and earned the right to say that the hells children series is prolific. I would go toe to toe with anyone to debate why it should be in a top 5 list along with The Stand, Swan Song, The Road, and World Made by Hand. It’s an extremely fresh take on the topic, but still retains the vital themes that make us keep coming back to the genre. Your character development is in fact riveting. Case in point, how many more years will people be asking what’s going to happen to Jack Gregg and Lisa. (Don’t forget about little Tyler. Someone raised in this new world with no frame of reference to what was… ) which leads me to my next point you tease!! The ideas around Jack using oppression to “liberate” the ignorant is such a cool engine to explore the themes. You have us hooked in for the journey in a way that anyone would kill for. (We’re still with Jack after he gassed his sleeping enemies and turned on the boat kids. What Elise will we accept for our fearless leader…) I think that Lisa would go in a different direction. We see the rift that’s already developing between them. And the genius thing is they’re not right. That’s whats so compelling about the conflict. Maybe Lisa is dreaming up some scientific ways to stop Jack… There still so much here and I’ll be waiting for your retirement if I must but damn it I don’t want to!! #johnlmonkearlyretirement

      • Nate, you’ve clearly read the books. Really appreciate your kind words. If it helps any, my future is … still unwritten 🙂

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