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Two new writing/author podcasts for my little collection…

No, you don’t have to go out and immediately listen to them, haha. Is that what you think I’m suggesting every time I post some new podcast? For my part, I’ll be listening to them on my daily commutes and when the wife and I go driving to various places on the weekends (e.g., the grocery store, and thousands of interesting places you can’t even imagine).


Author Strong: indie-centric podcast with an emphasis on craft and achieving publishing success. By indie-centric I mean they have a lot of top-selling indie guests like Libbie Hawker and Robert Chazz Chute. I love how these guests return repeatedly (of course — because they’re good guests!).


The Taylor Stevens Show: a new (brand new) podcast with Stephen Campbell of “The Author Biz” and “Crime Fiction FM,” where he co-hosts with NY Times Bestselling author Taylor Stevens. Sure, she’s not an indie author, but she’s doing something I’ve been considering: starting an author podcast. So I’m going to be listening in to see how it goes as I formulate this idea that maybe I’ll create my own show one day.



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Libbie Hawker: Curation, and shopping by publisher


A long article, but full of tasty goodness, Libbie talks about the old days when you could walk into a bookstore and see the Penguin Books all lined up on a shelf and how people would also shop by brand, and not just by author/title/blurb/cover.  (side note, Libbie Hawker hates the word “blurb,” which she talks about in yesterday’s podcast — hah).

Quick taste of the article:

Torrey House Press has the branding-and-curation gig down to an art and a science. Their focus is narrow – that’s smart. They publish fiction and narrative nonfiction that focuses on the land and culture of the Rocky Mountain West, as well as some general, ecology-themed books that aren’t necessarily set in the Rockies.

Torrey House Press has figured out how to identify and zero in on a niche. They have studied their readers – not the book stores they distribute to – and have figured out what those readers want. They provide more of the same, and they’re defensive of their curated brand – they don’t dilute it by throwing in some Kim Kardashian books or OJ pseudo-confessionals, even though those books might sell a lot of copies. They have figured out the ONE thing they’re doing, and they’re committed to doing that ONE thing, and doing it well.


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Libbie Hawker in the house: Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast #80

One of my favorite indie authors on my favorite indie-author podcast:



*Update: I just finished listening to it, and I don’t think I’ve ever said this before about anyone, but Libbie’s an absolute gas. You’ll love it. Lots of incredible information for those of you interested in writing historical fiction. Also for indie authors interested in succeeding with standalone novels (spoiler: you go hybrid with an Amazon imprint).

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Sharing virtual real estate with Libbie Hawker today

So “Kick” is up on Kobo today, on the front page of their “New Free Titles” section. It’s a lucky location. But it has an even cooler twist. An author friend of mine, Libbie Hawker, is sitting right beside me today, at least for a little while. The way titles move around, we’re sure to be scattered apart soon, so I snagged a screen shot.  Her book is “The Sekhmet Bed,” writing as L.M. Ironside.




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