My interview on CrimeFiction.FM just went live

crime_fiction_fmI had a wonderful time interviewing with Stephen Campbell, one of my podcast heroes, over on his new show “Crime Fiction.FM.” These podcast episodes are fairly short, about 15-20 minutes tops. What I like most about them is that Stephen actually reads the books of the people he interviews — something unheard of in my experience.

If you listen and like it, and have an iTunes account, I’m sure he’d love a review.



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6 responses to “My interview on CrimeFiction.FM just went live

  1. Loved the interview–one of the best I’ve heard (including mine). I tried to leave a comment, but something weird happened.

  2. Reblogged this on Carol Ervin's Author Site and commented:
    Fans of crime fiction–here’s a podcast you may want to follow, and the inside scoop on Thief’s Odyssey. Check it out…

  3. Great interview. You actually sound like you know what you’re talking about. The power of editing!

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