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Best Podcasts for Self-Publishers

For those of you who don’t memorize my blog and check it each time to see if I’ve added another tab, you’re in for a surprise: I added another tab!

Here’s where I list all the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, and a little bit of info about each one. Enjoy!





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Russell Blake Interview — listening while working

So I’m doing some repetitive tasks today and put this on in the background. Surprisingly, I can follow along. It’s actually quite interesting, fun, etc.

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A Self-Pubbing Future

This guy’s really clued-in to the indie market.

A Self-Pubbing Future.

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How I almost sold out to Big Publishing


About a month ago, I went to publish my book, “Kick,” with one of the Big City Publishing houses, but they asked me to take a dive — to make room for a love story about a zombie and a sparkling vampire and their quest to find a werewolf with a dragon tattoo.

At the time, I agreed to take the chump change they were offering to go publish on Amazon. Sure, I published on Amazon, but I did it MY way…

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Open Letter to Indie Authors

This is pretty good.

Jena Gregoire - Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Open Letter Graphic

1/6/2014 – AN UPDATE ON THE UPDATE – I have been approving 100% of the comments left on this post.  I haven’t hidden a single thing.  I have received exactly FOUR pieces of negative feedback on this open letter, three of which were about my use of profane language.  Due to this, I feel it necessary to issue this warning:  I say ‘fuck’ a lot.  If you don’t like it, take a hike because you’re not going to like what you’re about to read.    Sorry to be a bitch about it but this is MY blog.  That’s like going to someone’s house and ragging at them because of the way they do something in their own home.  Had I posted it on YOUR blog, you’d have the right to complain about it.  Instead, you’re posting the comment just to have something to say.    


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Just received my best critical review yet

By critical review, I mean he didn’t overwhelmingly love the book. And yes, I want everyone to give me 5 stars and send me checks for $100 with every download, but there’s a part of me that wants to know where the bottom is (so to speak). In Daniel’s review, he discusses the parts of Kick that he liked and the parts he was disappointed with. And overall, I agreed with him.  He’s also agreed to read the sequel (whenever that happens).

Another thing I like about this review, as well as the reviewer personally, is that he expresses his lack of enthusiasm with indie publishing, and that he found my book to be more enjoyable than many traditionally published books. I call that a win.

Here’s the review, which I’m linking to with his permission:


Bonus material:

I was intrigued enough by Daniel’s reviews that I followed him like a stalker to his website (http://www.thewayofslowtravel.com/).  If you enjoyed his review, maybe pop over there and see what else he has to say? (disclaimer: he didn’t ask me to plug his site, I just felt like it).


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