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Interviewed by Stephen Campbell on his new podcast

stephen_campbellIf you don’t know who Stephen Campbell is, he’s the creator of a wonderful podcast called “The Author Biz.”  Head over to iTunes now and subscribe. He’s a great interviewer, easily on par with other great self-pub/author podcasters like Simon Whistler (Rocking Self-publishing Podcast) and Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn). Recently he interviewed Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and followed that up with an interview of Russell Blake, author of the smash hit “Jet” series.

I was just interviewed on his brand new podcast: “CrimeFiction.FM.” He has a 2 minute placeholder recording there now so that people can subscribe, but he’s already recorded a bunch of shows. They’re 10-20 minute quick podcasts with crime authors about new books. And get this: he lumps in indies and trad pubs both. All he cares about is the writing, the quality, and so I feel especially honored to have been tapped for an interview (he actually read my latest book, “Thief’s Odyssey”).

The more subscribers he gets, the higher he’ll appear in the rankings, the better visibility, etc., and I’d like to see this guy succeed. He’s a great asset in the indie community.

He told me the interview will likely go live in early May. I’ll make another announcement then.


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“Awesome Indies” debuts on the “Sell More Books Show”

sell_more_booksVery excited to have the Awesome Indie Project mentioned on the Sell More Books Show — an incredible podcast for indie authors or anyone interested in book marketing.



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