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The show you never knew you needed: Writership Podcast

writership-podcast1400Over on the Sell More Books Show, Jim Kukral announced the launch of a new podcast as part of his new “Author Marketing Institute Podcast Network.” Unlike other author podcasts, this one focuses on craft. Specifically: editing.  Anyone who knows me, or who’s followed the Awesome Indie Project, knows I have an appreciation for good editing. I’m always striving to hone my skills, because the better job I do on my drafts, the easier it will be for a paid editor to help me prepare for publication.


I’ve listened to two shows so far, and both were great. The hosts — Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer — start the show with a quote about editing from someone famous in publishing, and not necessarily from the trad pubs (the first show quoted Chuck Wendig). After that, they choose a published or unpublished novel someone has submitted and read it on the air for about 10 minutes. Then they tear it to pieces! Haha, just kidding. Actually, they’re incredibly respectful of the work. They say what they like about it, and then suggest improvements from a number of different perspectives: story, pacing, sentence structure, etc.  In my opinion, they do a bang-up job. I really love this stuff and could listen to it all day.


One of the things I love about the show is the personalities of the hosts: calm, focused, friendly, earnest in their mission. Delivery is something I usually don’t think about when it comes to podcasts, but it’s an important consideration. Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast mixes bubbly enthusiasm with a Tony Blair accent, and it’s always fun to hear Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen riffing off each other so naturally on the Sell More Books Show. It’s no coincidence that I mention these other two shows side-by-side with Writership. They’re all winners.




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Infographic: Why Is It So Hard To Get Book Reviews?

Interesting analysis. Another great reason to join the Author Marketing Club.

Infographic: Why Is It So Hard To Get Book Reviews?.

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Important Indie News for 2014: Sell More Books Show

sell_more_booksWith so much information available on absolutely everything, isn’t it great to have a single place you can go to find out the most important stuff that happened in a year on a specific subject? Well the “specific subject” here is self-publishing, and these guys are the best at what they do: providing information on the self-publishing industry.


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“Awesome Indies” debuts on the “Sell More Books Show”

sell_more_booksVery excited to have the Awesome Indie Project mentioned on the Sell More Books Show — an incredible podcast for indie authors or anyone interested in book marketing.



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Sell More Books Show — 40-50 minutes of informational bliss

My only complaint about this wonderful podcast is I wish it was longer.  On the plus side, I can consume these episodes over my lunch break. The show always starts with the hosts throwing it back and forth, but always about something in the world of self-publishing. They don’t waste your time. It closes with a top 5 breakdown of the hottest self-pub news stories.  Highly recommended.

The hosts:

jim_03Jim Kukral of Author Marketing Club: the pessimist of the show, he delights in bashing  new-fangled schemes and/or tricks to get sales. If he’s not saying it like it is, he’s not happy — and it’s a blast to listen to. Someone has to keep me from giving all my hard-earned money to scammers and hucksters, right?  That’s this guy.


Bryan Cohen: he’s fun, he’s peppy, he’s always happy to listen to what’s new and go “how cool — tell me more!” Like Jim, he’s an author in his own right, with a productive writing schedule. He also listens to podcasts for 2 hours a day, which keeps him in the loop on all things self-publishing.

Together they make a great team, keeping it lively, and sharing gobs of “actual news” sure to delight and inform indie-minded folks. This podcast is as close to an industry newsletter as I’ve seen since starting down the self-pub path a little more than a year ago.


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