For the last year or so, I’ve found myself listening to publishing-related podcasts more and more. They keep me up to date on the latest marketing techniques, as well as help me stay connected to the indie-publishing community.

Most of these podcasts are indie-specific, but some cross into traditional publishing a little, or are geared more towards readers than authors.

In no particular order, here are the main shows I listen to:

  1. Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast — Excellent host, excellent guests, lots of great info for self-pubbers.
  2. The Sell More Books Show — closest thing to a Newsletter (in podcast form) in indie publishing. Awesome show.
  3. Armcast Dead Sexy Horror Podcast — Armand Rosamilia’s podcast. Great guy, funny, down to earth. An interview-style show, though it’s so laid back you can’t tell who is being interviewed. Some good/interesting advertising of horror books.
  4. TBR Podcast — reader oriented show by indie authors, talking about the books they’re reading.
  5. The Author Biz — Very similar to The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast and The Creative Penn. An interview-style podcast with authors (indie and trad pub and/or hybrid). Definitely a must-listen show.
  6. Crime Fiction FM — For readers of crime fiction, by the creator of The Author Biz (I was interviewed there recently).
  7. Scrivener Soapbox — Another podcast mainly for readers, but this one has some writer-related stuff near the end of every show. I’ve been interviewed twice there. Great host, nice guy too.
  8. Writership — Really unique podcast dedicated to editing. Part of Jim Kukral’s “Author Marketing Institute Podcast Network”
  9. Self-Publishing Roundtable — Another good indie-publishing podcast with guests. Sort of like the Sci-fi and Fantasy Marketing Podcast.
  10. The Author Marketing Podcast — Short/succinct podcast with useful tips for anyone who wants to sell books. By the co-creator of the Sell More Books Show.
  11. The Creative Penn — Indie-oriented interview format podcast with podcast legend Joanna Penn
  12. Self Publishing Podcast — Johnny, Sean, and Dave’s super-successful indie-publishing podcast.
  13. Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast — Sort of like the Self-Publishing Roundtable, with former Self-Publishing Roundtable host Lindsay Buroker, and authors Joe Lallo and Jeffrey Poole. Fun show, great guests, good info.
  14. The Taylor Stevens Show: a new (brand new) podcast with Stephen Campbell of “The Author Biz” and “Crime Fiction FM,” where he co-hosts with NY Times Bestselling author Taylor Stevens.
  15. Author Strong: indie-centric podcast with an emphasis on craft and achieving publishing success.
  16. Author Stories Podcast: mix of trad pub and indie pub interviews. Good host, lots of high profile interviews (Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, etc.)
  17. Wordslinger Podcast: interviews with various authors, indie and trad. Great show.
  18. Horror Writers Podcast: the first episodes up until about 18 or so were more writing focused. They’ve now switched to a reader/fan focus, and have picked up a different co-host in Zach Bohannon. The new show talks more about horror books/movies in general — but still from a writer’s perspective. Great, great show. IMHO, start with the episode where they talk about Pet Semetary.

Whether you listen to these shows now or plan to after following one of the links, please be sure to leave a review. If you’re an indie author, you definitely know how important reviews are for your books. With podcasts, they’re even more critical — especially on iTunes, where they directly affect the podcast’s visibility.


11 responses to “Podcasts

  1. So, the powers that be are keeping score on how many author blogs attract comments, so, Carol is commenting! And, someday, Carol will start listening to podcasts and audio books. Why don’t I now? Er… usually, too much background noise with the kitchen work, or not enough batteries or earplugs, or just a general aversion to technology, or…

  2. Thank you! Now I have a list of everything I must one day listen to.

  3. Great list, John – bookmarking this now. I’m already a listener of Rocking Self-Publishing and a few others listed here, but it looks like there’s a heck of a lot more for me to check out.

    If I can mention it, I’ve also enjoyed Hank Garner’s Author Stories Podcast as well. And authors Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden, and James A. Moore just launched their podcast, Three Guys With Beards, last week through Project iRadio (which Brian Keene does a horror podcast for, as well) and it sounds very promising.

    • Dude, of course you can mention it. Plug anything else you have, I totally don’t mind — I’m all about getting more information. You have carte blanche so long as you’re not selling Viagra! 🙂

  4. Hi John, just heard you on the Science Fiction And Fantasy Marketing Podcast and I really got a lot out of it, so thanks! Another great writing podcast I never miss is Writing Excuses—http://www.writingexcuses.com/. It’s more about the storytelling aspects than selling and marketing (since they’re a mostly traditionally published bunch), but it’s short and sweet and full of useful tips.

    • Hey, Nate, thank you! You know, I used to listen to Writing Excuses, then fell off. Mainly just wanted to concentrate my time a little more on the marketing stuff, and the rest of my time on writing, reading, and non-publishing stuff (family, etc). Glad you liked the show! Thanks for reaching out.

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