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The book that almost made me cry

I know a lot of good authors, but one stands out in particular for ALMOST making me cry. No, I did not cry. My testosterone kicked in and I stopped that nonsense in its tracks. The weird thing is this guy’s a horror writer, and that’s the problem. It’s difficult for indies to sell horror novels because … well … it’s hard to put my finger on. Could be one needs a certain amount of “street cred” to do it. Readers snap up Stephen King novels quick as you please, because he’s a known quantity. Same with Dean Koontz, or John Saul, or Stephen King’s son because … dynasties are scary? Anyway, the book that nearly emasculated me is called “The Bad Box” by “Harvey Click.” Unlike many indies, he understands how to punctuate and tag dialog properly, as well a great many other unspeakable things. The Kindle version is not on sale because sometimes you just gotta pay $2.99 for a good book and not get it free. Here’s the link:

I have spoken.


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P.T. Hylton goes post-apocalyptic (and Hell’s-2 update!)

So there’s this jerk named “P.T. Hylton” who writes so good, makes me wanna slap my momma’s English teacher. I’ve read 5 books by this guy already and now he’s written another. Makes me sick. If you wanna be sick too, that’s your business.
Here’s the link:
Sign up now for my newsletter (Hell’s Newsletter) to see the cover reveal for the sequel to Hell’s Children on May 9th. Oh, and drink more Ovaltine.


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Awesome Indies Everywhere

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Awesome Indies or included new ones into their mighty ranks. Mainly because of that stupid rule I created when I first started the project. Basically, I said I wouldn’t add anyone who “didn’t need the help” or something like that. Total hogwash. Let’s face it: everyone needs help. Publishing is tough. From now on, even indie powerhouses get a seat at the table.

Another change is I’m no longer limiting the list to people who write so-called “full length novels.” Novellas are allowed. And I only post the actual books that I’ve read by the author, not something else they’d rather see placed here.

With the administrivia out of the way, here are the new Awesome Indies:

All of these books had great stories, great editing, awesome presentation, and made me want to read more of their stuff. And they’re all independently published.



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Perihelion sci-fi: Awesome Indie E.E. Giorgi’s article on epigenetics

She’s a novelist and a graphics designer, but did you know she’s also a scientist working at Los Alamos National Laboratory? Here’s her really cool article on epigenetics, published over at Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine.

She used all her groovy science to write her award-winning novel “Chimeras,” (listed over on the left side of the blog).



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The Jenkins Cycle Binge Edition: front page on iBooks

What a great Tuesday. I woke up to discover my boxed set featured on Apple iBooks. I’m actually in the process of lowering the price to 7.99 in preparation for a promo of book 1 this weekend (so as not to “rip off” anyone who thinks they’re getting a $5 deal), so if anyone’s interested in picking up the book, maybe hang on until tomorrow, after it’s 7.99 everywhere.

P.T. Hylton made the astute observation that there are 3 “Awesome Indies” being featured right now on Apple: Harvey Click, Carol Ervin, and P.T. Hylton. In this screenshot, you can see Carol’s book just to the right of “The Martian,” and my boxed set below it. We’re cornering Andy Weir to steal his mojo!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.10.07 PM

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Awesome Indie News: P.T. Hylton releases new book, new audiobook

Anyone who reads my blog (hi mom!) knows how much I loved P.T. Hylton’s latest Deadlock book, “The Broken Clock.”  I’m a big fan of his writing, as well as his indie career. Just today, he was a guest on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast. It gets better. He just released book 3 in his “Zane Halloway” fantasy series.

Here’s the link: “Lightning and Thrones

He also has a new audiobook out for book 2 in the Deadlock Trilogy: “A Place Without Shadows.

A great day for such and Awesome Indie. For those of you who follow the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast, you’re definitely in for a treat.


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Just finished “The Broken Clock” by P.T. Hylton. Get ready for some gushing.

Here’s how I described it on Facebook:

The Broken Clock was one of the best conclusions to a trilogy in my recent memory. Surprisingly good — stunningly good. I mean, I knew P.T. Hylton was a good writer. That’s why I added him to my Awesome Indie List last year. Because he can write his ass off. But I didn’t expect him to freak out and bust the glass with such a solid slam dunk. Who the hell does he think he is, anyway? As my great great grand daddy used to say, “It ain’t natural, is what it ain’t. That boy’s got the devil in him.”

One of the side-effects of writing novels is the effect it has on a writer’s ability to enjoy books by other people. Not all writers — I’d never speak for all writers. But I know from talking to many of them that they feel the same way. When we read a book, we see the puppet master pulling the strings. We see the flaws: easy conclusions, forced motivations, lifeless turns of phrase here and there pulling us out of the story. For me, because of my lazy nature, yet another barrier hangs between me and a good/easy read. I know how much effort goes into writing a book, and sometimes reading feels like relaxing three feet from someone chopping a season’s worth of firewood. It’s distracting. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, when the flaws are really big.

I felt none of this at all while reading P.T.’s book. I’m not saying the book was perfect. I love Robert B. Parker’s books, but none of them are perfect, and I’ve read something like 40. Same goes with Jim Butcher (though, to be honest, he’s pretty damn close to my vision of perfect, the bastard). What I’m saying is, P.T.’s book swept me away. I fell in love with the characters in a way that I hadn’t expected to. P.T.’s biggest strength has always been plotting. His first two books were plot-driven. This third one was definitely plot-driven — but it was also character driven. That combination turned what would have been yet another good P.T. Hylton book into P.T.’s first masterpiece.



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P.T. Hylton News: the second Zane Halloway novella is available

I’m sort of jealous about P.T.’s cool Zane Halloway series. It’s about an assassin living in a world with two types of magic: thorns (offensive) and tangles (defensive). The first book, though a short read, had a full story arc with great character development.

Here it is:




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I’m such a fanboy for Harvey Click

I already bought the ebook, but I just bought the paperback.  Love the artwork, what can I say?


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How cool? A fantasy novel by Awesome Indie Harvey Click

I can’t get enough of this guy’s books, and now he’s gone and written a fantasy novel. I’m knee deep in edits and beta-reading for my 3rd Jenkins Cycle book, and I have P.T. Hylton’s 3rd book and now this one by Click staring at me going “Neener neener neener!” It’s not fair, dammit.


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