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My interview on CrimeFiction.FM just went live

crime_fiction_fmI had a wonderful time interviewing with Stephen Campbell, one of my podcast heroes, over on his new show “Crime Fiction.FM.” These podcast episodes are fairly short, about 15-20 minutes tops. What I like most about them is that Stephen actually reads the books of the people he interviews — something unheard of in my experience.

If you listen and like it, and have an iTunes account, I’m sure he’d love a review.




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New cover for Thief’s Odyssey is now live!

So after some soul-searching, I decided to go with a new cover for Thief’s Odyssey. This one is a little more in keeping with other books in the genre, and the thumbnail is more readable, which is important when folks are browsing through Amazon looking flow_res_thiefor something to read. I also like the way the letters sort of pop out at you. That said, I love my old artwork to death and am sad to make the change. The previous artist did exactly what I’d asked and hoped for.

The new cover is by Lindy Moone — an incredible artist. She’s also an “Awesome Indie.” Very talented writer and designer. This new cover is, in my opinion, stunning. I love the way the letters slant into each other, drawing the eye. I love the footprints. In particular, I can’t get over that little logo she made. I didn’t even know this was going to be book one in a series, but what am I gonna do? It’s a series now. Lindy Moone has spoken…

Quick note about the new cover: I’m told by a friend that it shows up when you open the book, but the old cover still appears on your carousel/bookshelf. Clearly the image hasn’t percolated everywhere to all the various servers. Also, the new cover won’t appear if you purchased the old book.

Click Here to see the picture in higher resolution.


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