Karma’s Touch cures cooties in laboratory tests

How’s that for a headline? My marketing people tell me it’s a truism in publishing: promise to cure a major disease, sell a ton of books. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Karma’s touch is the 3rd book in my “Chronicles of Ethan” series, and I think it might be the best one of the three. Why? Because I nailed the ending. I say that with absolutely no humility because I keep it real like that. It’s a tight little ending where all the stuff you were wondering about gets wrapped up and you walk away feeling satisfied. I didn’t feel this way with the Jenkins Cycle series, or even This Dark Age. Mostly because I still want to write more books in those series. I still want to write more books in Mythian (in fact, I’m currently writing a follow-up), but for now — for this particular series — Ethan’s tale is done.

Buy this book or you’ll die of cooties:


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The book that almost made me cry

I know a lot of good authors, but one stands out in particular for ALMOST making me cry. No, I did not cry. My testosterone kicked in and I stopped that nonsense in its tracks. The weird thing is this guy’s a horror writer, and that’s the problem. It’s difficult for indies to sell horror novels because … well … it’s hard to put my finger on. Could be one needs a certain amount of “street cred” to do it. Readers snap up Stephen King novels quick as you please, because he’s a known quantity. Same with Dean Koontz, or John Saul, or Stephen King’s son because … dynasties are scary? Anyway, the book that nearly emasculated me is called “The Bad Box” by “Harvey Click.” Unlike many indies, he understands how to punctuate and tag dialog properly, as well a great many other unspeakable things. The Kindle version is not on sale because sometimes you just gotta pay $2.99 for a good book and not get it free. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2E29VQ8

I have spoken.

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Interviewed by Hank Garner about Mythian

Hey folks, if you’re curious how my voice sounds when I’m really nervous, check out my appearance on Hank’s awesome podcast (available on youtube, or wherever sold in stores).

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“Hard Mode” is unleashed!

Hey all three of you! Just doing my required “Yes, I wrote another book” post. My guess is you were wondering when it was coming and I’m here to tell you, “It came! It came!” Yes, Hard Mode is out, sales are humming a-long, and I’m feeling pumped. Get it? Double ententre, double the fun. (Now that’s what I call “beating” a dead horse.)

In all seriousness, this is book 2 of the “Chronicles of Ethan,” a completed series in the “LitRPG” and “GameLit” genres. A story about a man who enters a game world in a future where old people “retire” into a computer-based existence. Each book publishes at the same time as the audiobook, which took some work, but it came out great. Really great narrator, too — Travis Baldree.

If the story tempts you, hover your pointer over the link below and poke it vigorously!


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Mythian is live!

Mythian is the story of a man who leaves his flesh and blood life to enter a virtual world for retirees called “Heroes of Mythian.” That’s right: in the future, you don’t die of old age, you retire. The main character, Ethan Crane, decides to retire after discovering his wife’s mind was downloaded into the game in secret following a fatal accident, years before.

The series is completed. There are 3 books. Book 2 comes out in November, and book 3 comes out in December.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:

For an idea how the game feels, have a listen to my wonderful narrator who talks about the book a little and then reads a short excerpt:

Hope you enjoy!


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The Best Fantasy YA Books

A couple of months back, Phil Treagus from “The Reading Lists” asked me and some other authors to publish a couple of quick blurbs for the best YA books we’d read over the years. What a great list! Definitely go have a look:

The Best Fantasy YA Books



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Monkey Do — A new short story in the “Hell’s Children” universe

Hey folks,

Almost a year ago, I was invited to participate in a charity anthology that gives the proceeds to “Pets For Vets.”
I was asked to write a short story in the “Hell’s Children” universe, and did — from an animal’s perspective. You’ll delight and cringe at Max, the chimp, as he deals with life in a world with no adults (but lots of pesky kids).


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