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A special TBR Podcast: John L. Monk, in the hot seat

This one’s for fans/bored enemies/family interested in seeing me squirm under a barrage of random questions I wasn’t prepared for ahead of time. I give to you this, TBR episode #80:


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Regular spot on the TBR Podcast

So it’s official. I’m now a regular host on the TBR Podcast, the show where “We talk about the books we love and the topics that interest us.” What this means is I’ll be talking about “Kick” nonstop, every show, for the entirety of the show until they “kick” me off and beg the wonderful Jamie Maltman to quit his day job and come back 🙂

Yes, just kidding. Seriously though, I’ll miss Jamie — he’s a fun host I always looked forward to seeing each week.

Here’s the first episode with me as a regular, recorded last night:



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Three new podcasts added to the podcasts tab

For the last few months, I’ve been regularly listening to 3 new podcasts:

  1. Author Stories — Hank Garner
  2. Wordslinger Podcast — Kevin Tumlinson
  3. Horror Writers Podcast — J. Thorne & Zach Bohannon

For a short description of each, check out the podcasts tab:



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Last night on the TBR Podcast

If anyone’s curious, I was on the TBR Podcast last night, talking about “the books we love and the topics that interest us.” Author Kevin Tumlinson was also there, along with regular host Patrick Stemp (at least I think he’s regular…impolite to ask).


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Kevin Tumlinson interviews Andy Weir

Great interview, and yet another podcast I need to listen to.

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Awesome Indie News: P.T. Hylton releases new book, new audiobook

Anyone who reads my blog (hi mom!) knows how much I loved P.T. Hylton’s latest Deadlock book, “The Broken Clock.”  I’m a big fan of his writing, as well as his indie career. Just today, he was a guest on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast. It gets better. He just released book 3 in his “Zane Halloway” fantasy series.

Here’s the link: “Lightning and Thrones

He also has a new audiobook out for book 2 in the Deadlock Trilogy: “A Place Without Shadows.

A great day for such and Awesome Indie. For those of you who follow the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast, you’re definitely in for a treat.


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Cool podcast with a guy who’s reviewed my dumb books :)

pundit_podcastOk, so big disclaimer — yes, the link I’m about to share is by a reviewer (who’s also a fellow author). I was naturally curious about his show, so I snuck over and peeked at it — and loved it. I absolutely loved all the stuff about Quentin Tarantino (a favorite director/writer/genius). Really loved Simon’s opinions on various things. Why?? Because I agree with them!  Yeah, I’m all about me sometimes… Agree with me? You’re a genius. Disagree? No comment. Terrible character flaw, I know. I’m waiting for the New Years to address it, I promise.

Here you go — hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

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Will be on the TBR Podcast this Tuesday

TBR_PodcastFor those of you who aren’t tired yet of seeing my ugly mug in low resolution, I’ll be on the TBR Podcast this coming Tuesday at 8PM EST.

Blog link:

Podcast link:

I have it on good authority that the podcast will feature lots of scandal, innuendo, gross hyperbole, and advice about good books.  Should be a blast!


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Tonight on the Self-Publishing Roundtable — Me!

For those who are interested in seeing me opine about lofty issues while sitting in front of a fireplace, you can catch me on the Self-Publishing Roundtable tonight.




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Mike Faricy on The Author Biz — great show for bare-bones self-pubbers

For those of you indie authors who don’t get to listen to many self-pub podcasts, here’s one with Mike Faricy. He’s a great guest on one of my favorite podcasts. He describes his mostly bare-bones approach to self-publishing, and more importantly, he talks about how his career didn’t take off until he got 5 books into a series. Before that, he’d written 5 standalone novels which didn’t really sell. By book 9 in his series, he switched careers and became a full time author.  I love his attitude: just do the damn work, move forward. Hey, it works for salmon. And like salmon, we all die at the end.

Ah, Mondays … Here’s the link again:


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