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Two posts in one: Book 3 is done, and I need Facebook likes

I only like posting once a day here, if possible, because I know folks get emailed every time. So for the first time ever on this blog, I’m harnessing the Power of Cyberspace and merging two posts into one. Maybe five years from now, when people are merging four and even five posts together, we’ll all look back and laugh. But for now, this is cutting edge stuff!

Post 1: Facebook likes

I’m doing a little paid Facebook advertising ($$), and my reach is based on the number of likes on my page. So I could really use more likes. Am I asking for likes? You bet! If you follow the link and then click “Like” I’ll be your best friend forever.

Post 2: Book 3 is done

Ugh, finally — FINALLY — I finished all the parts and pieces and rewrites of Book 3 of The Jenkins Cycle (title to be released later, hehe). Wow, it took a while. I thought when I finished the first draft in January it’d go quick. Boy was I wrong.  Lots of rewriting and agonizing and complaining and whining and profanity and conjunction after conjunction. What’s their function? Beats me, I just type stuff. Anyway, it’s done. I have to read it again, weeding out as many typos as I can, as many inconsistencies as possible, and then I need to get it to beta readers.  After that, I hope to hire 2 proofreaders — back to back — to find the last problems. Then I publish. I sincerely hope this is in July, and wish it were sooner. Still lots to do, but the hard part is over. Nothing bad can happen now.



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Armand Rosamilia is on The Author Biz today

I’m a big fan of this author, his writing, and his “Authors Supporting Our Troops” project. Today, Armand’s on the Author Biz, hosted by one of my favorite podcasters, Stephen Campbell. As usual with these two, great episode:


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First draft of Kick-3 is now done

Spice Ralphie

Spice Ralphie

So I just polished off the last line of the last chapter of the book, and the first draft is done.  There are still some holes in the story, some small spots I skipped writing to maintain momentum.  There’s still a ton of rewriting and fixing and hedging and pruning and weeding I need to do. I think I also want to write an epilogue, because the other two books had one and I like consistency (the hobgoblin of small minds, as well as the thing I most like about pudding).

From this point on, until publication, I won’t be posting any more word count updates. I’m also going to be working on finishing another story while I let this one rest. I’d like to publish that one before Kick-3 because it’s been sitting in a drawer for a few years now — and because someone is working on a cool cover for it 🙂


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A “Goodbye 2014” post, but not by me

Ok, so I didn’t write my own goodbye 2014 post. I’m like the only guy–but I’m shaking things up!  Breakin’ the rules!  It’s gonna pay off one day, I swear.

Anyway, here’s a nice post by a new indie author I admire, EJ Robinson, talking about what he’s learned this year:

“…along the way I discovered a curious thing: there is a community of authors eager to share this experience and help others along the way.  I’m not talking about the hordes of Twitter who “follow if followed” only to spam your feed until you’re blind with images of nude-covered books of bare-chested vampires.  I’m talking about genuinely good people willing to read, constructively critique and promote your work while taking time away from their own. ”


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P.T. Hylton states his writing goals

Quick reminder: if you can only purchase 1 free book before the year ends, don’t download my dumb book, pick up Dell Zero by Carol Ervin. One of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read. You’ll be an instant fan.

Now…let’s see…what the heck is P.T. Hylton going on about this time? 500k words in a year?!  Is he kidding? That’s like…hmm….(counting on fingers)…like thousands of words a day!!  Wait, no, that’s only 1400. Ok, I went to public school. Ok, I played hookey. But whatever… I’d be happy with 240k words in a year (about 3 books). I hope PT can do it, but even if he only gets 499,999, that’s still pretty good isn’t it? 🙂


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Simon Whistler reads my guest post

The legendary Simon Whistler reads my post on writer’s block — enjoy!

Incidentally, Simon’s also published his own book: Audiobooks for Indies.  Lots of great reviews!

** Note: Simon has a bunch of other great guest posts as well (not to mention the RSP itself, of course) **


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Rocking Self-Publishing Thursday…!

rockingToday’s Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast episode was an incredible experience.  Featuring hybrid author Rachael Herron, it starts off destroying any misconceptions you had about traditional publishing.  She got a big 6-figure deal in an auction, and had to split 45k over 3 years (after taxes and the agent’s cut). She’s now making good money self-publishing (2-3k a month, if memory serves me).

The most important part of the podcast happened about 1/2 through, when she got into dealing with motivation issues, writer’s block, super high productivity, good vs. bad writing (for drafts), and the writing/productivity class she gives.  Listeners will get a 1/2 price special deal for her class, which is about 40 bucks.

And then there’s the guest post from Monday — don’t forget about that (especially if you’re interested in better using Twitter):


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Guest Post on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

rockingSo today, my guest post on writer’s block went live over at the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast site. If you’re reading my blog instead of writing, why not go have a look? 🙂


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Most of the betas have come back

Authors never really know if what we’ve written is good or bad.  We hope, we suspect, and maybe we think we know, but until someone actually reads the book and tells us, it’s a dice roll.

Three of my wonderful beta readers have come back with the verdict and I’m in positive territory.  Two think the sequel is better than Kick, and one “loved” it but liked Kick a little more.  Considering they all liked Kick, I’m pretty happy.

I’m always amazed at how people appreciate things differently. I have a friend who thinks The Godfather is boring. I like Ben Stiller, but I have friends who can’t stand him. But none of that matters because I’m in positive territory! 🙂


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Sunday Word Count: Not applicable, lots of editing though

FarkusYay, I finally get to use this photo of Scut Farkus.  I haven’t been writing anything new, but I have been doing lots of editing. All the major inconsistencies are fixed, no visible plot holes left, lots of clunky writing declunkified, and the typos that are left are hiding in plain sight no matter how many times I read them.  A few more passes and I’ll be ready to send “Kick 2” off to my beta readers. Oh yeah, I’m probably going to have to rename it from “Ride” to something else — there’s another novel called “Ride” and I’d rather not confuse things if I don’t have to. Also, I like to avoid the image of being a claim jumper.



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