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The show you never knew you needed: Writership Podcast

writership-podcast1400Over on the Sell More Books Show, Jim Kukral announced the launch of a new podcast as part of his new “Author Marketing Institute Podcast Network.” Unlike other author podcasts, this one focuses on craft. Specifically: editing.  Anyone who knows me, or who’s followed the Awesome Indie Project, knows I have an appreciation for good editing. I’m always striving to hone my skills, because the better job I do on my drafts, the easier it will be for a paid editor to help me prepare for publication.


I’ve listened to two shows so far, and both were great. The hosts — Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer — start the show with a quote about editing from someone famous in publishing, and not necessarily from the trad pubs (the first show quoted Chuck Wendig). After that, they choose a published or unpublished novel someone has submitted and read it on the air for about 10 minutes. Then they tear it to pieces! Haha, just kidding. Actually, they’re incredibly respectful of the work. They say what they like about it, and then suggest improvements from a number of different perspectives: story, pacing, sentence structure, etc.  In my opinion, they do a bang-up job. I really love this stuff and could listen to it all day.


One of the things I love about the show is the personalities of the hosts: calm, focused, friendly, earnest in their mission. Delivery is something I usually don’t think about when it comes to podcasts, but it’s an important consideration. Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast mixes bubbly enthusiasm with a Tony Blair accent, and it’s always fun to hear Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen riffing off each other so naturally on the Sell More Books Show. It’s no coincidence that I mention these other two shows side-by-side with Writership. They’re all winners.




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Author Stories Podcast: Simon Whistler in the hot seat

About to listen to this. Simon whistler’s a great interviewer. It’s nice to see him in the hot seat this time:



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Libbie Hawker in the house: Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast #80

One of my favorite indie authors on my favorite indie-author podcast:



*Update: I just finished listening to it, and I don’t think I’ve ever said this before about anyone, but Libbie’s an absolute gas. You’ll love it. Lots of incredible information for those of you interested in writing historical fiction. Also for indie authors interested in succeeding with standalone novels (spoiler: you go hybrid with an Amazon imprint).

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My interview with TJ Redig of Scrivener Soapbox

j_l_m_bio_photo_tinyI just had my first ever interview on a podcast. In it I talk quite a bit about the Awesome Indies, my book (of course), and about various things that’d be interesting to writers.  Things like marketing, productivity, and craft.  If you find yourself with time to kill, maybe give it a listen.  If you do, I’d love to know what you think. If you have/use iTunes, maybe drop a review in for TJ’s cool show. I’ve listened to about 8 episodes now.

2014-12-10: #34 John L. Monk



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Rocking Self-Publishing Thursday…!

rockingToday’s Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast episode was an incredible experience.  Featuring hybrid author Rachael Herron, it starts off destroying any misconceptions you had about traditional publishing.  She got a big 6-figure deal in an auction, and had to split 45k over 3 years (after taxes and the agent’s cut). She’s now making good money self-publishing (2-3k a month, if memory serves me).

The most important part of the podcast happened about 1/2 through, when she got into dealing with motivation issues, writer’s block, super high productivity, good vs. bad writing (for drafts), and the writing/productivity class she gives.  Listeners will get a 1/2 price special deal for her class, which is about 40 bucks.

And then there’s the guest post from Monday — don’t forget about that (especially if you’re interested in better using Twitter):



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Guest Post on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

rockingSo today, my guest post on writer’s block went live over at the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast site. If you’re reading my blog instead of writing, why not go have a look? 🙂



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Found a great new podcast: Armcast Podcast with Armand Rosamilia

Ok, so I just started going back through Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self-Publishing podcast, listening to his shows again for lack of anything good to listen to, and heard mention of a new podcast by the very successful indie author Armand Rosamilia: Armcastpodcast.

Primarily a horror fiction podcast, his guests are indie authors and he talks about things indie authors want to hear about.  Episode #11 is particularly helpful for folks interested in the power of the sequel, and it reinforces some of the claims made by the Tattooed Writer in RSPP episode #57.

What a joy to have another great podcast to listen to.


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Woops, forgot to mention…Editing For Indies Webinar

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler is hosting a webinar titled “Editing for Indies”, with Alida Winternheimer as presenter.

Merely signing up gets you:

The “Editing for Indies” guide.
PLUS a special offer for Alida’s editing services!
PLUS live at the webinar we’ll be giving away: 5 advance copies of Audiobooks for Indies and a one-hour consultation with Alida!

Alida Winternheimer

Alida Winternheimer

The webinar is on a Saturday, August 9th, and isn’t too long — about 1.5 hrs.  Seriously, check it out, because whom doesn’t need a little editing now and them?


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Rocking Self-publishing podcast episode 57

I wrote Simon Whistler and jokingly told him this episode was so good I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it.  It covered: pen names, word counts, price points, writing in multiple genres, writing rules by various great authors, the future, the past, the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, you name it.  If you’re an indie author and want to listen to something both inspiring and informative, Here It Is.


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Simon Whistler, creator of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

So I’ve been burning through these podcasts at a furious rate (sitting in traffic every morning/evening), and I’m constantly amazed at the professionalism of the host and the quality of the guests.  I’ve yet to run into any “dead air” or uncomfortable pauses or moments where I felt someone was padding the time. It’s as if Simon, the interviewer, has taken the elements of good storytelling and incorporated them into his podcasts, packing every episode with great information and entertainment. I actually look forward to sitting in traffic now.

I’m a chatty guy, I like to communicate with folks, so I sent him a note asking him how he manages to get such great guests, does he pre-screen them, etc.

He wrote me back:

  • I do a lot of research. The topics that I do for each interview are chosen beforehand, and they are well within each author’s area of knowledge. I do pre-screen, but that is in selection of a topic. I’m always thinking, “What does this author know that others don’t?” or “What have they learned that others should hear about?” It’s very hard to know how good someone is ‘on the mic’ ahead of time. On the call, I guide the guest down a path, exploring things they are familiar with, and asking the questions within that framework. Going outside that leads to problems:
    • the guest gets uncomfortable talking about something they don’t know about (pauses, lack of confidence, closing up)
    • it’s not valuable for the audience.
  • There is a certain amount of post processing. The show is edited. I remove some dead air to keep things punchy. Really obvious “umm” and “errrs” are taken out. This is time consuming but it gives it a more professional feel and I’m quite into delivering a professional product. I see podcasting as indie radio, and I want my podcast to sound as good as a radio interview on a big network.

What a great response, huh? I worried he’d write back something like, “Scram, ya bum.”  Yes, I kid, but I suppose on some level we always expect to be rebuffed when we reach out to strangers.

For anyone interested in learning more about He Who Is Called “Simon Whistler,” there have been two interviews with him:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohq1PM8Sr2s (Self-Publishing Podcast #89, with Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, Dave W. Wright)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGoP2ijvq-4 (Podcast 451: #32)
Next week sometime, he’ll also be interviewed on “The Zone Show”, and in about a month or two, he’ll be on Joanna Penn’s podcast.


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