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Reading with Writers 4: John L. Monk #amreading

A few weeks ago, Patrick Stemp, co-host of the TBR Podcast, invited me to participate in an interview on his blog called “Reading with Writers” —  a different sort of interview format focused primarily on other people’s books, and not my own.

I was more than happy to participate.


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Great experience creating audiobook with ACX and Becca Ballenger

An “Awesome Indie” comes to audio format!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

I’ve just pushed the “Approve” button, completing my part of The Girl on theMountain audiobook! This project was made possible by ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange. On the ACX website, authors and publishers can audition prospective narrator/producers for their books. I listened to a lot of great voices and was able to have those who auditioned read different passages.

The narrator I chose made the story come alive for me again, and she was a pleasure to work with. After we agreed on a deadline, she posted several recorded chapters nearly every day. I chose to download and listen to the chapters using iTunes, then I emailed notes and corrections, if any, and she resubmitted the chapters.

In a week or two, the audiobook version of The Girl on the Mountain will be available for purchase through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. It will not be available on compact disk–I’m told those are less used these days. Listeners download…

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Indie reading/support project

If you look over on the left side of my humble blog, you’ll see a number of books written by great indie authors. I don’t read nearly enough indie authors, despite wanting to “in theory.” My reasons:

  • I also haven’t read any James Patterson novels, but I hope to one day, time willing.  Right now, it’s much easier to go with a sure win.  For example, anything by Robert B. Parker.
  • There are too many indie authors to wade through in search of something I can really sink my teeth into, and again it comes down to time.
  • When I’m not writing or watching TV or going-out with the wife or working, I’m probably sleeping.

But I love indie authors. I mean, I am one. And I want to support them, learn from them, and be entertained by them. So I’m making it my mission to read more indies.  And when I find one that I love, I’ll post the book over on the left side in the order in which I find it.


  1. I won’t tell anyone what I’m reading unless I end up liking it…and, therefore, if I don’t like something, nobody will ever know.
  2. I won’t post anyone’s book that I regularly have regular, previous contact with through facebook/email. I’m trying to avoid the natural pressure to “help my friends”.  For the two already there, I read them before we became friends.
  3. I won’t post any books by mega-indie authors like Hugh Howey and Russel Blake.  Because they don’t need my help.
  4. I won’t take any free books from people, nor respond to lobbying efforts. I will probably build my reading list from the billions of indie authors over on  If anyone replies to this post with books that they want me to read, more power to you, but I can’t respond.
  5. If I like a book, I may put a review here, but I won’t on Goodreads or Amazon.  It’s complicated…

So that’s it.


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The Legendary Lawrence Block

An interview with one of the inspirations for a book I wrote (still unpublished).  Highly recommended.

The Legendary Lawrence Block.

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Repost: Book Giveaway! Ta-da!

Book Giveaway! Ta-da!.

I’ve read it, it’s got the John L. Monk squeal of approval 🙂

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Those Horrible Borribles

I was on another trip down memory lane today when I came across a delight from my childhood: The Borribles.  It’s a great tale about runaway children in England and what happens to them: they turn into “Borribles,” a quasi-magical child with pointy ears.  A recommended read for children, and queued for a re-read on my Kindle.

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Cold Comfort, by Carol Ervin — Now available on Kindle

If you haven’t read “Girl on the Mountain”, you’re missing out. I totally just got the follow-up (which stands on its own), and that makes me a little bit happier than most people.  This will cause people to like me more when they see me walking down the hall at work, which will lead to favorable attitudes towards me and eventually pay raises, bonuses, comp days and other great things.


Cold Comfort published on Kindle.


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Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell is now on sale for .99 cents

I’m a huge Nathan Lowell fan.  That is, I’m normal-sized, and a Nathan Lowell fan. 🙂

I just got my Bookblast advertisement and I was happy to see this wonderful book on sale.  Highly recommended for a fun, interesting, engaging read.

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Some memorable books

I compiled this list a few years ago, and it’s missing a few books since then.  I’ll come back and add the ones I missed later.

1) Inferno – Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle – Fantasy/religious

2) Magic Kingdom for Sale – Terry Brooks – Fantasy

3) Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman – Modern Fantasy (read this now)

4) American Gods – Neil Gaiman – Modern Fantasy

5) Fallen Angels – Larry Niven, Jerry P., Michael Flynn – SF

6) The Adept – Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Harris – Modern Fantasy

7) Homeland – R.A. Salvatore – Fantasy

8) Pawn of Prophecy – David Eddings – Fantasy !

9) Midshipman’s Hope – David Feintuch – SF

10) The Alienist – Calib Carr – Historical Mystery (superb)

11) The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty – Horror

12) Magician’s Apprentice – Raymond E. Feist – Fantasy

13) Jumper – Steven Ghould – Fantasy/Supernatural/Thriller (?)

14) Replay – Ken Grimwood – Fantasy/Supernatural/Thriller (?)

15) Dayworld – Phillip Jose Farmer – SF

16) Songs of Earth and Power – Greg Bear – Modern Fantasy

17) The Truth Machine – James Halperin – SF

18) Apropos of Nothing – Peter David – Funny Fantasy

19) The Cuckoo’s Egg – Cliff Stohl – True Crime (this was like crack for me)

20) Starhunt – David Gerrold – SF

21) Venus – Ben Bova – SF

22) Heart of the Comet – Gregory Benford – SF

23) Sorcerer’s Son – Phyllis Eisenstein – Fantasy (Anything by her, really)

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