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Bryan Cohen — great writing

I was a little bit floored by this. I like this guy, listen to his wonderful show (The Sell More Books Show), and I’m happy to say he writes very well. Here’s Cohen reading his first chapter from Ted Saves The World on his new youtube series “Bryan Cohen Showen.”



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Breaking Bad 24×7

If I was one of the writers for Breaking Bad, I think I’d giggle myself to sleep every night.  I’d walk through life saying, “Yep, I did that, you’re welcome.”  I’d write autographs — to myself.  The sheer awesomeness of the accomplishment would probably destroy me.  The density of my ego following such a feat would cause my entire being to collapse upon itself like a massive black hole.

Thank goodness I have “Kick” to keep me humble 🙂


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Repost: Book Giveaway! Ta-da!

Book Giveaway! Ta-da!.

I’ve read it, it’s got the John L. Monk squeal of approval 🙂

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