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Self-Publishing Roundtable: Episode 34 (Nathan Lowell)

Before I knew what Indie Publishing was (not many years ago), I picked up some ebooks to read on my Kindle DX and found that many of the books weren’t very good 🙂  Then a friend of mine said, “You should pick up Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell.”  I’d never heard of Nathan Lowell, but I gave it a try — and loved his writing!  He writes in a conflict-free manner about a young man who signs aboard a spaceship for a “quarter-share” of a specific percentage of the profits.  The series is us watching him move up the ladder to half share, full share, double share and then Captain’s share.  If it were a game, it’d be called “Sim Space Merchant.”

Here’s the link to the creators of the video: http://selfpublishingroundtable.com/

Here’s a roundtable discussion from yesterday, which I found fascinating.  He talks about his writing experience and the method by which he developed his stories (podcasts, at first, then ebooks).


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Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell is now on sale for .99 cents

I’m a huge Nathan Lowell fan.  That is, I’m normal-sized, and a Nathan Lowell fan. 🙂

I just got my Bookblast advertisement and I was happy to see this wonderful book on sale.  Highly recommended for a fun, interesting, engaging read.


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