Cold Comfort, by Carol Ervin — Now available on Kindle

If you haven’t read “Girl on the Mountain”, you’re missing out. I totally just got the follow-up (which stands on its own), and that makes me a little bit happier than most people.  This will cause people to like me more when they see me walking down the hall at work, which will lead to favorable attitudes towards me and eventually pay raises, bonuses, comp days and other great things.


Cold Comfort published on Kindle.



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5 responses to “Cold Comfort, by Carol Ervin — Now available on Kindle

  1. Such spin! But Cold Comfort does stand on its own. So glad about the potential pay raise!

  2. I’m sending my enforcers out to shake you and Scott Lynch down…

  3. Hey, those pay raises, bonuses, and comp days are all great, but the satisfaction of another book published has to be the best of all!!

  4. John and Patti, it’s like finishing a marathon. No matter where you finish.

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