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Kick — The Audiobook

Kick-AUDIOBOOKIt’s been a long time in coming, but it’s finally available: Kick, the audiobook. Narrated by Steve Phelan (a TV actor in L.A.), and written by me (a TV watcher in Virginia). I’ve already gotten some initial feedback on the audiobook in praise of Steve.

Tracy writes, “The narrator, Steve Phelan, was a perfect choice, by the way. I’ll be looking for more narratives by him.”

I think Tracy has great taste, don’t you?



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Regulation 19 audiobook is now out!

Loved the sample — gets me in that Rook Mountain mindset.


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I love it when fans reach out

Steve_PhelanI woke up this morning, checked my email, and found a wonderful note from a fan living in L.A.

Steve Phelan is an actor who also does voice work for indies. He read my book back in March during the free promo period and reviewed it shortly thereafter.

This would have been perfectly fine, but he was in a studio the other day recording something and decided to record a tiny portion of Chapter 3 from “Kick” and send it to me. It’s one thing to read someone’s book, but it’s a whole ’nother compliment to read it and still be thinking about it two months later. Wow huh?

Apparently WordPress wants $20 a month to put audio files up, but I’m a wascally wabbit and think I can figure out another way, possibly using YouTube if it came to it.

In the mean time, here’s the link to Steve Phelan’s website, with his headshots and a few acting scenes:
Steve Phelan’s Site

** Update: here’s a link to the clip:


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Great experience creating audiobook with ACX and Becca Ballenger

An “Awesome Indie” comes to audio format!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

I’ve just pushed the “Approve” button, completing my part of The Girl on theMountain audiobook! This project was made possible by ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange. On the ACX website, authors and publishers can audition prospective narrator/producers for their books. I listened to a lot of great voices and was able to have those who auditioned read different passages.

The narrator I chose made the story come alive for me again, and she was a pleasure to work with. After we agreed on a deadline, she posted several recorded chapters nearly every day. I chose to download and listen to the chapters using iTunes, then I emailed notes and corrections, if any, and she resubmitted the chapters.

In a week or two, the audiobook version of The Girl on the Mountain will be available for purchase through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. It will not be available on compact disk–I’m told those are less used these days. Listeners download…

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Fogland mention


Cool article on audiobooks that mentions Fogland.

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