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The Jenkins Cycle Binge Edition: front page on iBooks

What a great Tuesday. I woke up to discover my boxed set featured on Apple iBooks. I’m actually in the process of lowering the price to 7.99 in preparation for a promo of book 1 this weekend (so as not to “rip off” anyone who thinks they’re getting a $5 deal), so if anyone’s interested in picking up the book, maybe hang on until tomorrow, after it’s 7.99 everywhere.

P.T. Hylton made the astute observation that there are 3 “Awesome Indies” being featured right now on Apple: Harvey Click, Carol Ervin, and P.T. Hylton. In this screenshot, you can see Carol’s book just to the right of “The Martian,” and my boxed set below it. We’re cornering Andy Weir to steal his mojo!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.10.07 PM

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Interviewed by E.E. Giorgi

Recently I was interviewed by award-winning author E.E. Giorgi. I’d already planned on reading her book “Chimeras” because so many authors have recommended it, including P.T. Hylton and top-selling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Her book has also got an impressive amount of “Vine Voice” and “Top 500” reviews.  So I’m particularly honored that she’d ask me about my new book, Thief’s Odyssey:



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P.T. Hylton News — “A Place Without Shadows” is now available

PWS_web_cover-188x300I read an early copy of this book and was floored — what an incredible sequel in a fun, fascinating series. For those of you who haven’t read book one and would like to know a little more about it, here’s my review: Regulation 19.

Both books are fast reads, and you sort of forget you’re reading a book — which is great, because we all hate books right? 🙂

Haha, kidding (now go buy my books).



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Weekly word count (hat tip to Kristine McKinley)

ralphieKristine McKinley is a rather brave author.  The other day, she bravely posted all kinds of statistics pertaining to her writing. I thought it’d be a neat idea to post my own numbers (below). Though I don’t have the kind of detail she’s been keeping, still, it was a good week.

Word count as of last Sunday: 9500

Word count one week later, today, Saturday: 22,000.

I’ll be honest and say I wouldn’t have posted this if I didn’t feel like bragging.  My normal word count has been horrible. But recently, thanks to various podcasts I’ve been listening to, and my recent interview with P.T. Hylton, and his videos where he talks about his own progress, things are turning around.




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More Regulation 19 news….

So P.T. Hylton’s reviews are starting to come in.  I’m watching them like a sports fan.  He’s gotten 3 “5 star” reviews since his book went free on Saturday.  The last one is pretty dang good, and telling — the reviewer admitted to frequently putting down books without finishing them.  I told you people Hylton was great 🙂


I’m sure most of the folks who come to my blog are self-published authors like me.  So you know you have to read to get good. You need to see what other folks are doing, how they deal with certain turns in a story, how they transition from place to place.  Regulation 19 — as well as any book over in my “Awesome Indies List” — are great sources for all that.

I love my Robert B. Parker and Jim Butcher, but I get a real thrill learning from folks who’ve bucked the system and went indie.

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P.T. Hylton’s book “Regulation 19” is free

regulation19I think this is the first time he’s made the book free.  I do know his sequel is done, and in the final editing, and should be ready by September.  That said, if you were leery of buying a book from a newish author, now’s your chance.

Please note: the reason authors put books out for free are:

1) To get reviews (hint)

2) To get more exposure (another hint)

If it was my book out for free, I’d probably be all like “Hey my book’s free, hope you like it…no big woop” while secretly hoping for reviews and word of mouth and the NY Times picking it up and/or Oprah calling my house begging to interview me. But since it’s not my book, I can be a little more obvious on Hylton’s behalf, so if anyone know’s Oprah or whatever, tell her about my book, and never mind P.T. Hylton…


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First Draft of the Regulation 19 Sequel is Complete

Very exciting.


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