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P.T. Hylton states his writing goals

Quick reminder: if you can only purchase 1 free book before the year ends, don’t download my dumb book, pick up Dell Zero by Carol Ervin. One of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read. You’ll be an instant fan.

Now…let’s see…what the heck is P.T. Hylton going on about this time? 500k words in a year?!  Is he kidding? That’s like…hmm….(counting on fingers)…like thousands of words a day!!  Wait, no, that’s only 1400. Ok, I went to public school. Ok, I played hookey. But whatever… I’d be happy with 240k words in a year (about 3 books). I hope PT can do it, but even if he only gets 499,999, that’s still pretty good isn’t it? 🙂



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Sunday Word Count: 7100

ralphieI’m of two minds on this week’s word count report. On the one hand, I get to put up Ralphie again, because I beat my thousand words a day minimum. But I’m also a little disappointed because I had plenty of time this week to really pump it out. Ah well, it could have been half that right? Or worse–I could have chucked it all away, like I’d done with a very early draft of Fool’s Ride, chucking away 30k words 🙂  Ugh… That’s the kind of thing that can make you doubt yourself and worry about every little word before it gets written. But what are you gonna do? You’re gonna write, that’s what.  And I did — that’s something.


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Sunday Word Count (0)

It’s that time again where nobody cares about my blog but me 🙂  Yes, I’ll begin posting my word counts every week, on Sunday, with either a Ralphie if I break 7k words in 7 days, or a Scut Farkus if I don’t. All the editing and post-publication “stuff” is done for Fool’s Ride, and it’s time to keep on keepin’ on.  Can’t be a writer if I don’t write, can’t be an author if I don’t auth.

There is no word count for today because I’ve been mostly working out the plot of the next book. However, that still counts as “working on the book” and so my word count this time around is something like “zero.”  So here he is, Scut Farkus, in all his yellow-eyed glory:

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)


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Sunday Word Count: Not applicable, lots of editing though

FarkusYay, I finally get to use this photo of Scut Farkus.  I haven’t been writing anything new, but I have been doing lots of editing. All the major inconsistencies are fixed, no visible plot holes left, lots of clunky writing declunkified, and the typos that are left are hiding in plain sight no matter how many times I read them.  A few more passes and I’ll be ready to send “Kick 2” off to my beta readers. Oh yeah, I’m probably going to have to rename it from “Ride” to something else — there’s another novel called “Ride” and I’d rather not confuse things if I don’t have to. Also, I like to avoid the image of being a claim jumper.



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Sunday Word Count — 9k

ralphieI think I’m going to invest in one of those word count tracker things for the blog.  My problem is I have a wordpress.com site, and they limit the plugins available.  I need to do more research.  Meanwhile, this last week was touch and go for a while.  By Friday, I’d only written 4,000 words.  I’d hit a transitional point in the story (the middle), and had to go slow while I sorted it out.  That’s right, I’m writing the middle 🙂  I actually wrote the ending first, the beginning second, and…yes, complicated and obtuse, but that’s how it happened. Anyway, sitting at 69k of fun for the whole family.  I’d like to end it at around 80k, but if not, so be it. Who wants to read long strings of “very very very very” in front of everything?  Anyway, it looks like the first draft of the sequel to Kick will be done in a week or two. During the editing phase, I may drop a few comments on how I’m doing with it, but that’s it.


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Sunday Word Count – 12,000 words

ralphieSorry about last week. I was thinking more about the word count for my work in progress and posted 48k words (the actual count was 11k for the week).  This week, I’m sitting at 60k, which means I manged 12k words in 7 days.  Fun fun.  Also, I’m very happy where the story is going, just need to seal the deal now.

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Sunday Word Count: 48,000 words…


* Update * — I think my heading is a little misleading.  48k total for my work in progress, up from 37k last week, so my “word count” for the week is actually 11k.  I’ll make it more obvious next week.

I’m actually writing this on Saturday night, but whatever, life’s too short — unless you’re Dan Jenkins.

This week has been amazing, from a word count perspective.  No beta reading, just a little Koontz to keep my “random seed” fresh. And at the end of the week I’m sitting on 48k of fun for the whole family.

For those of you with writer’s block, here’s how I’ve been dealing with mine:

1) I’m in charge, not the manuscript.

2) All that expectation that the next book has to be perfect or I’ll go to 1-star prison? Whatever, talk to the hand, I’m in charge of this ship, and if I want to ram it into that reef over there that’s my business.

3) What else do I have to do today? Hmm, guess I’ll write.

4) Oh yeah, when I’m stumped for a thousand words, drink something with alcohol in it — it helps. (not a long-term solution of course)

Last week: 37,000

This week: 48,000

For me: wow.



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…and the power of confessing in public

One_Million_Years_BCLeanne Neanne and my wife over at dot2trot are big inspirations.  Yesterday, Dot posted her weekly weigh-in, and today I got my notification from Leanne that she’d also posted something. Lo and behold, she’s down 1.7 pounds this week. She also posted about her Fitbit gadget/thing, which allows her to keep track of all the running and jumping around she does.

Dot posted something similar the other day, and a guy at work has one and takes the stairs all the time and avoids the elevators. I get tired on elevators, but I’m a writer so it’s ok.

Back to the Fitbit: apparently you can compete with your friends about who’s struggling up the most flights of stairs and all that.  On the surface, this sounds crazy, right?  But humans are funny.  We love to win, we hate to lose, and this kept the dinosaurs from killing us a million years ago.

It’s a little like my Sunday word count thing: confession keeps me honest.  Mostly with myself. Net result? I get more done, and dinosaurs leave me alone.


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Sunday word count — is this turning into a thing?

ralphieHey, I think my blog’s got a new thing!  Kind of like the Awesome Indies thing, or the “sometimes he writes funny stories” thing. So now there’s my weekly word count confession thing. Like over on Kristine McKinley’s blog.

Here’s how it’ll work:

If I’m happy with my word count, I’ll post a happy picture of Ralphie from the Christmas Story.  If I’m not happy, I’ll post a picture of Scut Farkus.

Going forward, I’ll post my counts on Sunday.

But last Saturday, the word count was: 22,000.

Today, the word count is: 30,000.

That’s 8k words in 8 days. A quick glance at my scientific calculator shows an average of 1000 words a day. This will be the minimum daily average to put up Ralphie’s picture — a real incentive, because I love that picture.


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How to be a more productive writer

P.T. Hylton’s podcasts are short and informative, and today’s meshes with my post yesterday about my word count, and Kristine’s blog post.



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