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P.T. Hylton’s book “Regulation 19” is free

regulation19I think this is the first time he’s made the book free.  I do know his sequel is done, and in the final editing, and should be ready by September.  That said, if you were leery of buying a book from a newish author, now’s your chance.

Please note: the reason authors put books out for free are:

1) To get reviews (hint)

2) To get more exposure (another hint)

If it was my book out for free, I’d probably be all like “Hey my book’s free, hope you like it…no big woop” while secretly hoping for reviews and word of mouth and the NY Times picking it up and/or Oprah calling my house begging to interview me. But since it’s not my book, I can be a little more obvious on Hylton’s behalf, so if anyone know’s Oprah or whatever, tell her about my book, and never mind P.T. Hylton…



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