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Weekly word count (hat tip to Kristine McKinley)

ralphieKristine McKinley is a rather brave author.  The other day, she bravely posted all kinds of statistics pertaining to her writing. I thought it’d be a neat idea to post my own numbers (below). Though I don’t have the kind of detail she’s been keeping, still, it was a good week.

Word count as of last Sunday: 9500

Word count one week later, today, Saturday: 22,000.

I’ll be honest and say I wouldn’t have posted this if I didn’t feel like bragging.  My normal word count has been horrible. But recently, thanks to various podcasts I’ve been listening to, and my recent interview with P.T. Hylton, and his videos where he talks about his own progress, things are turning around.




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Happy day of writing

It’s 1:25 A.M., time to go to bed.  Best writing session in a while, and I’m not sure why. If I could figure it out, I’d package it and make a boatload of money and hang out with Justin Bieber 🙂

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