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Bryan Cohen — great writing

I was a little bit floored by this. I like this guy, listen to his wonderful show (The Sell More Books Show), and I’m happy to say he writes very well. Here’s Cohen reading his first chapter from Ted Saves The World on his new youtube series “Bryan Cohen Showen.”



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My interview with TJ Redig of Scrivener Soapbox

j_l_m_bio_photo_tinyI just had my first ever interview on a podcast. In it I talk quite a bit about the Awesome Indies, my book (of course), and about various things that’d be interesting to writers.  Things like marketing, productivity, and craft.  If you find yourself with time to kill, maybe give it a listen.  If you do, I’d love to know what you think. If you have/use iTunes, maybe drop a review in for TJ’s cool show. I’ve listened to about 8 episodes now.

2014-12-10: #34 John L. Monk



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Sell More Books Show — 40-50 minutes of informational bliss

My only complaint about this wonderful podcast is I wish it was longer.  On the plus side, I can consume these episodes over my lunch break. The show always starts with the hosts throwing it back and forth, but always about something in the world of self-publishing. They don’t waste your time. It closes with a top 5 breakdown of the hottest self-pub news stories.  Highly recommended.

The hosts:

jim_03Jim Kukral of Author Marketing Club: the pessimist of the show, he delights in bashing  new-fangled schemes and/or tricks to get sales. If he’s not saying it like it is, he’s not happy — and it’s a blast to listen to. Someone has to keep me from giving all my hard-earned money to scammers and hucksters, right?  That’s this guy.


Bryan Cohen: he’s fun, he’s peppy, he’s always happy to listen to what’s new and go “how cool — tell me more!” Like Jim, he’s an author in his own right, with a productive writing schedule. He also listens to podcasts for 2 hours a day, which keeps him in the loop on all things self-publishing.

Together they make a great team, keeping it lively, and sharing gobs of “actual news” sure to delight and inform indie-minded folks. This podcast is as close to an industry newsletter as I’ve seen since starting down the self-pub path a little more than a year ago.


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