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Rocking Self-Publishing Thursday…!

rockingToday’s Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast episode was an incredible experience.  Featuring hybrid author Rachael Herron, it starts off destroying any misconceptions you had about traditional publishing.  She got a big 6-figure deal in an auction, and had to split 45k over 3 years (after taxes and the agent’s cut). She’s now making good money self-publishing (2-3k a month, if memory serves me).

The most important part of the podcast happened about 1/2 through, when she got into dealing with motivation issues, writer’s block, super high productivity, good vs. bad writing (for drafts), and the writing/productivity class she gives.  Listeners will get a 1/2 price special deal for her class, which is about 40 bucks.

And then there’s the guest post from Monday — don’t forget about that (especially if you’re interested in better using Twitter):




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Molly Greene: 15 Tips To Increase Your Productivity


Particularly loved #7 — my “in” is now thoroughly “trigued.”


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Sunday Word Count: 37,000

ralphieFriday rolled around and I was convinced I couldn’t do it.  I’d seen three movies during the week, I’d been busy at work, I went to a company cookout, I went out for dinner once with my wife, and I was beta reading the sequel to Regulation 19 (it’s wonderful, how does this guy do it?).  Also, I’d just finished a major point in the story and was about to start something new, which required thinking and even a little research…and I hit my goal anyway.  7k words in 7 days, with spare change for gum if I so desired.

If you have writer’s block, I highly recommend setting goals and making them public.  It seems to have worked for me. Who knows what next week will bring?


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