Sell More Books Show — 40-50 minutes of informational bliss

My only complaint about this wonderful podcast is I wish it was longer.  On the plus side, I can consume these episodes over my lunch break. The show always starts with the hosts throwing it back and forth, but always about something in the world of self-publishing. They don’t waste your time. It closes with a top 5 breakdown of the hottest self-pub news stories.  Highly recommended.

The hosts:

jim_03Jim Kukral of Author Marketing Club: the pessimist of the show, he delights in bashing  new-fangled schemes and/or tricks to get sales. If he’s not saying it like it is, he’s not happy — and it’s a blast to listen to. Someone has to keep me from giving all my hard-earned money to scammers and hucksters, right?  That’s this guy.


Bryan Cohen: he’s fun, he’s peppy, he’s always happy to listen to what’s new and go “how cool — tell me more!” Like Jim, he’s an author in his own right, with a productive writing schedule. He also listens to podcasts for 2 hours a day, which keeps him in the loop on all things self-publishing.

Together they make a great team, keeping it lively, and sharing gobs of “actual news” sure to delight and inform indie-minded folks. This podcast is as close to an industry newsletter as I’ve seen since starting down the self-pub path a little more than a year ago.



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2 responses to “Sell More Books Show — 40-50 minutes of informational bliss

  1. Thank you for listening and we’re so glad you’re finding it valuable and entertaining.

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