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Sunday Word Count (0)

It’s that time again where nobody cares about my blog but me 🙂  Yes, I’ll begin posting my word counts every week, on Sunday, with either a Ralphie if I break 7k words in 7 days, or a Scut Farkus if I don’t. All the editing and post-publication “stuff” is done for Fool’s Ride, and it’s time to keep on keepin’ on.  Can’t be a writer if I don’t write, can’t be an author if I don’t auth.

There is no word count for today because I’ve been mostly working out the plot of the next book. However, that still counts as “working on the book” and so my word count this time around is something like “zero.”  So here he is, Scut Farkus, in all his yellow-eyed glory:

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)



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Sunday Word Count: Not applicable, lots of editing though

FarkusYay, I finally get to use this photo of Scut Farkus.  I haven’t been writing anything new, but I have been doing lots of editing. All the major inconsistencies are fixed, no visible plot holes left, lots of clunky writing declunkified, and the typos that are left are hiding in plain sight no matter how many times I read them.  A few more passes and I’ll be ready to send “Kick 2” off to my beta readers. Oh yeah, I’m probably going to have to rename it from “Ride” to something else — there’s another novel called “Ride” and I’d rather not confuse things if I don’t have to. Also, I like to avoid the image of being a claim jumper.



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