Most of the betas have come back

Authors never really know if what we’ve written is good or bad.  We hope, we suspect, and maybe we think we know, but until someone actually reads the book and tells us, it’s a dice roll.

Three of my wonderful beta readers have come back with the verdict and I’m in positive territory.  Two think the sequel is better than Kick, and one “loved” it but liked Kick a little more.  Considering they all liked Kick, I’m pretty happy.

I’m always amazed at how people appreciate things differently. I have a friend who thinks The Godfather is boring. I like Ben Stiller, but I have friends who can’t stand him. But none of that matters because I’m in positive territory! 🙂



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5 responses to “Most of the betas have come back

  1. Couldn’t be happier. Or possibly greener…

  2. Congrats! NOT that we expected any less!

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