Sunday Word Count — 9k

ralphieI think I’m going to invest in one of those word count tracker things for the blog.  My problem is I have a site, and they limit the plugins available.  I need to do more research.  Meanwhile, this last week was touch and go for a while.  By Friday, I’d only written 4,000 words.  I’d hit a transitional point in the story (the middle), and had to go slow while I sorted it out.  That’s right, I’m writing the middle 🙂  I actually wrote the ending first, the beginning second, and…yes, complicated and obtuse, but that’s how it happened. Anyway, sitting at 69k of fun for the whole family.  I’d like to end it at around 80k, but if not, so be it. Who wants to read long strings of “very very very very” in front of everything?  Anyway, it looks like the first draft of the sequel to Kick will be done in a week or two. During the editing phase, I may drop a few comments on how I’m doing with it, but that’s it.



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6 responses to “Sunday Word Count — 9k

  1. Great work, John. I’m kinda at the same stage with my own WIP – 79k, with about 4k to go. I couldn’t write it as fast as you, though.

  2. Johanna Rae

    I’m so looking forward to this book! Can’t wait for Kick 2.
    I’ve noticed the writing progress tracker is a big hit with my own readers, though I use the Facebook one myself. Good luck working out the kinks for wordpress 🙂

  3. P.T. Hylton

    Very cool! Keep rocking the word count.
    I use this free NaNoWriMo word count meter. You type in the info and it give you html to paste on your site.

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