Sunday word count — is this turning into a thing?

ralphieHey, I think my blog’s got a new thing!  Kind of like the Awesome Indies thing, or the “sometimes he writes funny stories” thing. So now there’s my weekly word count confession thing. Like over on Kristine McKinley’s blog.

Here’s how it’ll work:

If I’m happy with my word count, I’ll post a happy picture of Ralphie from the Christmas Story.  If I’m not happy, I’ll post a picture of Scut Farkus.

Going forward, I’ll post my counts on Sunday.

But last Saturday, the word count was: 22,000.

Today, the word count is: 30,000.

That’s 8k words in 8 days. A quick glance at my scientific calculator shows an average of 1000 words a day. This will be the minimum daily average to put up Ralphie’s picture — a real incentive, because I love that picture.



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4 responses to “Sunday word count — is this turning into a thing?

  1. Great scientific calculating!

  2. No way would I ‘fess up on what my daily word count is. Reading yours should be as inspiring as Dot’s updates on her weight loss. Oh yeah: I refuse to read those too. *Head in Sand* NOT LISTENING!!! –Oh. Congratulations, and may you have many more Ralphie days than Scott Farkus days. (Scut?)

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