Kick — The Audiobook

Kick-AUDIOBOOKIt’s been a long time in coming, but it’s finally available: Kick, the audiobook. Narrated by Steve Phelan (a TV actor in L.A.), and written by me (a TV watcher in Virginia). I’ve already gotten some initial feedback on the audiobook in praise of Steve.

Tracy writes, “The narrator, Steve Phelan, was a perfect choice, by the way. I’ll be looking for more narratives by him.”

I think Tracy has great taste, don’t you?



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3 responses to “Kick — The Audiobook

  1. Tom

    Are the other books from this series going to be narrated? I really enjoyed Kick’s audiobook!

    • Glad you liked it! I’d certainly like to do the next book, at the very least. No promises, but I plan to talk to my last narrator to see if he’d do it again. With narrators, it’s always about scheduling.

      Thanks for reaching out.

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