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Pretensions of an Unprofessional Writer

My latest release — a release between releases — is a short anthology of stories, poems, and other things I’ve written over the years. All of them are amusing in some way, or at least that was the intention. The cover was done by a great artist and friend, Keith A. Johnston.

Have a look for yourself:


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Karma’s Touch cures cooties in laboratory tests

How’s that for a headline? My marketing people tell me it’s a truism in publishing: promise to cure a major disease, sell a ton of books. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Karma’s touch is the 3rd book in my “Chronicles of Ethan” series, and I think it might be the best one of the three. Why? Because I nailed the ending. I say that with absolutely no humility because I keep it real like that. It’s a tight little ending where all the stuff you were wondering about gets wrapped up and you walk away feeling satisfied. I didn’t feel this way with the Jenkins Cycle series, or even This Dark Age. Mostly because I still want to write more books in those series. I still want to write more books in Mythian (in fact, I’m currently writing a follow-up), but for now — for this particular series — Ethan’s tale is done.

Buy this book or you’ll die of cooties:


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Mythian is live!

Mythian is the story of a man who leaves his flesh and blood life to enter a virtual world for retirees called “Heroes of Mythian.” That’s right: in the future, you don’t die of old age, you retire. The main character, Ethan Crane, decides to retire after discovering his wife’s mind was downloaded into the game in secret following a fatal accident, years before.

The series is completed. There are 3 books. Book 2 comes out in November, and book 3 comes out in December.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:

For an idea how the game feels, have a listen to my wonderful narrator who talks about the book a little and then reads a short excerpt:

Hope you enjoy!


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Hell’s Encore Is Live!

Wow, that took a long time, didn’t it? But Hell’s Encore is finally live. I think it lives up to book one in all ways and exceeds it in others. But obviously I’m biased.

Book One is 99 cents for a week. If you know anyone out there who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction, or who might enjoy a more modern Lord Of The Flies tale, I’d love it you let them know. Links below:

Book One (Hell’s Children):

Book Two (Hell’s Encore):


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Hell’s Encore — June 6th!

Ok, we have a release date for Hell’s Encore. June 6th. How about that cover, huh?


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Hell’s Children — the sequel!

Just wanted to let folks know: the draft of the sequel is done. I’ll release the name when I put it up for preorder in about a month and a half (I need more time to brush it up before giving it to the editors). It’s a real doozy, by the way 🙂



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Hell’s Children — The Audiobook

Just a quick update — the audiobook has arrived! Narrated by Guy Williams, and I think he did an amazing job.




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American Demon Hunters: Washington, D.C.

Friends, fans, collection agencies: my novella with J. Thorn came out today — a twisted sort of horror story set in his “American Demon Hunters” universe. If you’ve ever played D&D with an obnoxious player, or gone to Friday Night Magic — smiling and ready for fun — only to get stuck playing a net-decking cheat, you might enjoy this:
American Demon Hunters: Washington D.C.:


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Kick — The Audiobook

Kick-AUDIOBOOKIt’s been a long time in coming, but it’s finally available: Kick, the audiobook. Narrated by Steve Phelan (a TV actor in L.A.), and written by me (a TV watcher in Virginia). I’ve already gotten some initial feedback on the audiobook in praise of Steve.

Tracy writes, “The narrator, Steve Phelan, was a perfect choice, by the way. I’ll be looking for more narratives by him.”

I think Tracy has great taste, don’t you?


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