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There are now 7 Fogland stories…

Kind of amazing.  Have you listened to any of them?  Imagine the fun of an audiobook without the time sink, nor the cost, and good authors to boot. Mix ’em all together and what’ve ya got?


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Fogland episode 5 is now available!

The Pines of Doubletree Boulevard by Conner Kressley


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Fogland mention


Cool article on audiobooks that mentions Fogland.

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New Fogland episode: Mistview Point, by Kelly Ferguson

Hooray, the new Fogland episode is out!  This one by Kelly Ferguson.

Listen to it free here:


Buy it for .99 cents here:



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Permafree — Fogland: House Call on Queasy Street

A minor miracle: Amazon now has “Queasy Street” up for free.  This should help me reach readers who would like to sample my writing before paying full price for “Kick”.

It’s ranked #6 in the free store in one of the categories 🙂



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Fogland Episode 3: House Call on Queasy Street

Mark Capell, an author I learned about through Lindy Moone, has produced a podcast of a story I submitted for his Fogland project.  You can listen to it for free at the Fogland website. It’ll also be available on iTunes.

Ladies: if listening to Mark Capell’s sexy British accent doesn’t do it for you (it did for me), you can download the ebook for 99 cents on Amazon.

Anyway, what else?  Oh yeah, here are the links:

Podcast on Fogland Website (free/sexy)

eBook on Amazon (99 cents)

Amazon UK (.77 in pieces of eight)


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Fogland Episode #2 — The Harbinger of Gloom Street

Fogland is a fascinating literary project by Mark Capell, author of Cafe Insomniac.  Lindy Moone was the one who tipped me off about Mark’s book, last Fall, and today she has a Fogland story over on his site:

The Harbinger of Gloom Street

So what, exactly, is Fogland?  In Mark’s words:

FOGLAND is going to be a series of weekly podcasts. Each episode features a short story from a different writer.

But there’s a link.

Every story is set in the world of FOGLAND. This is a mythical town where, owing to its geographical location, fog descends on over two hundred days of the year.

Writers can either expand on characters and story lines in previous episodes of Fogland or create new ones in their stories. And it can be written in any style. The title must include a Fogland street name (which the writer devises).

When each episode has been written, I record it and distribute it on the weekly Fogland podcast.

At the end of the podcast, listeners are encouraged to explore other works by the featured author.

At the same time, the author can publish the text version of their story in online stores.

The author can charge for that book or go the perma-free route. It’s up to them. They can also embed the podcast on their own website and use it for promotion, or elsewhere.

Mark Capell is calling on all authors who are interested to write stories for upcoming Fogland episodes, and I must admit it has piqued my interest. Between writing a sequel to “Kick” and cage fighting for guns, gold and diamonds, I may not have time.

We’ll see 🙂

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