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Guest Post on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

rockingSo today, my guest post on writer’s block went live over at the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast site. If you’re reading my blog instead of writing, why not go have a look? 🙂


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Great news site for folks interested in indie publishing

I kept hearing about it, finally went there — wow.  Posts a lot per day.

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Ira Levin, a Writing Hero

I love these videos by P.T. Hylton.  In this one, he covers one of his literary heroes, and inspires me to try a new author.

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Comrade Cruises, by Carol Kean

Carol Kean is a wonderful woman, and not just because she approves of my typing practice. Ever since meeting her, we’ve kept in touch and exchanged family gossip, book tips, writing ideas, and we’ve read each other’s work. I read an early draft of Comrade Cruises and thought it was great.


The cruise ship was so much bigger than Emmy expected, she couldn’t even think of a word for it. Gargantuan was one, but that sounded like a giant tarantula. Titanic was downright terrifying, for a girl about to set sail.

“Colossal,” she decided, saying it out loud but not too loud. Emmy was learning not to sound smarter than other seven-year-olds. It wasn’t fair to them.

Her foster mother gripped her hand. “You lucky girl, Emmy. Think of the memories you’re about to make!” Leaning toward foster Dad, “FM” (Fake Mom) half-whispered out the side of her mouth, “If this doesn’t make her glad we saved her from those terrible people, nothing will.”

She got that right. Nothing would.

— read the rest —


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Kick 2 is out with the betas…

I still don’t know what the title is going to be, following the discovery that “Ride” was taken.  We’ll see after the betas come back. Maybe they’ll suggest the title should be “Unreadable” 🙂

I’m glad it’s finally out there — means I get to work on some other commitments.



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297 Flabby Words and Phrases — and a grain of salt

I saw this linked-to on Kboards. It’s a list of words and phrases guaranteed to rob your writing of its mojo.  I think it’s useful to go through the list — not to completely avoid these words and phrases but to understand how writing is robbed of its virility by cliches and redundancy.

Here’s one I really liked:

15. All of – Flabby expression. Drop of. Ex: All of the guests loved the party. Better: All the guests loved the party.

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Woops, forgot to mention…Editing For Indies Webinar

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler is hosting a webinar titled “Editing for Indies”, with Alida Winternheimer as presenter.

Merely signing up gets you:

The “Editing for Indies” guide.
PLUS a special offer for Alida’s editing services!
PLUS live at the webinar we’ll be giving away: 5 advance copies of Audiobooks for Indies and a one-hour consultation with Alida!

Alida Winternheimer

Alida Winternheimer

The webinar is on a Saturday, August 9th, and isn’t too long — about 1.5 hrs.  Seriously, check it out, because whom doesn’t need a little editing now and them?

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Molly Greene: 15 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Particularly loved #7 — my “in” is now thoroughly “trigued.”


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…and the power of confessing in public

One_Million_Years_BCLeanne Neanne and my wife over at dot2trot are big inspirations.  Yesterday, Dot posted her weekly weigh-in, and today I got my notification from Leanne that she’d also posted something. Lo and behold, she’s down 1.7 pounds this week. She also posted about her Fitbit gadget/thing, which allows her to keep track of all the running and jumping around she does.

Dot posted something similar the other day, and a guy at work has one and takes the stairs all the time and avoids the elevators. I get tired on elevators, but I’m a writer so it’s ok.

Back to the Fitbit: apparently you can compete with your friends about who’s struggling up the most flights of stairs and all that.  On the surface, this sounds crazy, right?  But humans are funny.  We love to win, we hate to lose, and this kept the dinosaurs from killing us a million years ago.

It’s a little like my Sunday word count thing: confession keeps me honest.  Mostly with myself. Net result? I get more done, and dinosaurs leave me alone.


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Sunday Word Count: 37,000

ralphieFriday rolled around and I was convinced I couldn’t do it.  I’d seen three movies during the week, I’d been busy at work, I went to a company cookout, I went out for dinner once with my wife, and I was beta reading the sequel to Regulation 19 (it’s wonderful, how does this guy do it?).  Also, I’d just finished a major point in the story and was about to start something new, which required thinking and even a little research…and I hit my goal anyway.  7k words in 7 days, with spare change for gum if I so desired.

If you have writer’s block, I highly recommend setting goals and making them public.  It seems to have worked for me. Who knows what next week will bring?


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