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Comrade Cruises, by Carol Kean

Carol Kean is a wonderful woman, and not just because she approves of my typing practice. Ever since meeting her, we’ve kept in touch and exchanged family gossip, book tips, writing ideas, and we’ve read each other’s work. I read an early draft of Comrade Cruises and thought it was great.


The cruise ship was so much bigger than Emmy expected, she couldn’t even think of a word for it. Gargantuan was one, but that sounded like a giant tarantula. Titanic was downright terrifying, for a girl about to set sail.

“Colossal,” she decided, saying it out loud but not too loud. Emmy was learning not to sound smarter than other seven-year-olds. It wasn’t fair to them.

Her foster mother gripped her hand. “You lucky girl, Emmy. Think of the memories you’re about to make!” Leaning toward foster Dad, “FM” (Fake Mom) half-whispered out the side of her mouth, “If this doesn’t make her glad we saved her from those terrible people, nothing will.”

She got that right. Nothing would.

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Edyl review — Perihelion Science Fiction


Somehow I missed this.  It’s my damn word count happiness, I guess.  Anyway, if you get a chance, pop over to Perihelionsf and read Carol Kean’s wonderful review of Mark Capell’s book “Edyl: Island of Immortality”.



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Carol Kean: You’ve Got Fantasy in My Science!

I recommend the article below, by Carol Kean, to anyone interested in reading a fascinating literary rant  from a professional reviewer who reads over a hundred books a year.

In addition to being a great article, she actually mentions me (she read and reviewed “Kick” recently).

As Jim Butcher once said, “My gast has been thoroughly flabbered.”



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Funniest short story I’ve ever read — in my life…

Mike Resnick wrote a story for “Beyond the Sun”, an anthology with a ton of great authors. I’ve only read his story, titled, “Observation Post”.

Hat Tip to Carol Kean for bringing this to my attention.  I now feel like giving up writing, it was so good.  But I won’t, there’s too much money in being an indie author.  Next week, if things go the way I hope with my sales in the United States and Europe, I’m hoping to buy some gum. Not just any gum, either: Hubba Bubba. That’s right baby…


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