Sunday Word Count: 37,000

ralphieFriday rolled around and I was convinced I couldn’t do it.  I’d seen three movies during the week, I’d been busy at work, I went to a company cookout, I went out for dinner once with my wife, and I was beta reading the sequel to Regulation 19 (it’s wonderful, how does this guy do it?).  Also, I’d just finished a major point in the story and was about to start something new, which required thinking and even a little research…and I hit my goal anyway.  7k words in 7 days, with spare change for gum if I so desired.

If you have writer’s block, I highly recommend setting goals and making them public.  It seems to have worked for me. Who knows what next week will bring?



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6 responses to “Sunday Word Count: 37,000

  1. I’m impressed, but I don’t hate you…or love you for that matter

  2. This is probably a good practice to get in to. While I couldn’t tell you my weekly word count, I can tell you that I recently eliminated around 240 instances of the word “had” from a 57,000 word manuscript (cutting the total in half…sometimes you just have to use it). Now I’m working on getting rid of the word “was”, lol.

    That isn’t too obsessive…is it?

    • Dude, that’s great. I know exactly what you mean. I actually plan to add a new tab at the top of my dumb blog where I go over the various things I “sweep” for during the editing process. Extraneous “that” and “had” and missing contractions, for example. Big gratz on the 57k man. That’s huge 🙂

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