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Free books: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

“Kick” is free today, along with a lot of other great books sponsored by the Self-Publishing Roundtable. Check it out!




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Just picked up Lady Lilith by E.E. Giorgi — Free

I’ve been meaning to read something by “She who is called E.E.” for a while now, and here’s my chance.

Snag it while it’s free, and be sure to leave a review 🙂


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Sharing virtual real estate with Libbie Hawker today

So “Kick” is up on Kobo today, on the front page of their “New Free Titles” section. It’s a lucky location. But it has an even cooler twist. An author friend of mine, Libbie Hawker, is sitting right beside me today, at least for a little while. The way titles move around, we’re sure to be scattered apart soon, so I snagged a screen shot.  Her book is “The Sekhmet Bed,” writing as L.M. Ironside.




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House of Worms, by Harvey Click — Free Today!

House-of-WormsI’ve now read 2 books by Harvey Click and, hands down, he is my favorite horror novelist. I really love his writing.  Today, House of Worms is on sale.  Haven’t read it yet, looking forward to it though.  If you like it, maybe leave him a review — spread the evil wide and far.


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