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Sharing virtual real estate with Libbie Hawker today

So “Kick” is up on Kobo today, on the front page of their “New Free Titles” section. It’s a lucky location. But it has an even cooler twist. An author friend of mine, Libbie Hawker, is sitting right beside me today, at least for a little while. The way titles move around, we’re sure to be scattered apart soon, so I snagged a screen shot.  Her book is “The Sekhmet Bed,” writing as L.M. Ironside.




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Wherever ebooks are sold…

* Update * – I’m no longer selling in other stores, just Amazon for now.


A bit of news: I’ve published “Kick” on iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. Still isn’t searchable on any of them, other than Google Play, but I’m assured by the folks at Draft2Digital they’ll catch up. In time. Way in the future when we’re all flying in bubbles 🙂




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