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Awesome Indies Everywhere

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Awesome Indies or included new ones into their mighty ranks. Mainly because of that stupid rule I created when I first started the project. Basically, I said I wouldn’t add anyone who “didn’t need the help” or something like that. Total hogwash. Let’s face it: everyone needs help. Publishing is tough. From now on, even indie powerhouses get a seat at the table.

Another change is I’m no longer limiting the list to people who write so-called “full length novels.” Novellas are allowed. And I only post the actual books that I’ve read by the author, not something else they’d rather see placed here.

With the administrivia out of the way, here are the new Awesome Indies:

All of these books had great stories, great editing, awesome presentation, and made me want to read more of their stuff. And they’re all independently published.



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Three new podcasts added to the podcasts tab

For the last few months, I’ve been regularly listening to 3 new podcasts:

  1. Author Stories — Hank Garner
  2. Wordslinger Podcast — Kevin Tumlinson
  3. Horror Writers Podcast — J. Thorne & Zach Bohannon

For a short description of each, check out the podcasts tab:




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