Cool podcast with a guy who’s reviewed my dumb books :)

pundit_podcastOk, so big disclaimer — yes, the link I’m about to share is by a reviewer (who’s also a fellow author). I was naturally curious about his show, so I snuck over and peeked at it — and loved it. I absolutely loved all the stuff about Quentin Tarantino (a favorite director/writer/genius). Really loved Simon’s opinions on various things. Why?? Because I agree with them!  Yeah, I’m all about me sometimes… Agree with me? You’re a genius. Disagree? No comment. Terrible character flaw, I know. I’m waiting for the New Years to address it, I promise.

Here you go — hope you enjoy it as much as I did:


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One response to “Cool podcast with a guy who’s reviewed my dumb books :)

  1. I still don’t have the patience to listen to Podcasts. Print media has spoiled me: cut to the chase. Deliver info in bullet items. Extraneous conversation and chit-chat send my ADHD brain elsewhere. I’d multi-task but kitchen work is too noisy for me to hear, and there’s the other #1 problem (yes I can count, sometimes): my hearing isn’t so hot. Better luck with reading.

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