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The Broken Clock — Book 3 of the Deadlock Trilogy

broken_clockI’m super excited about the 3rd book in P.T. Hylton’s incredible Deadlock Trilogy. I’m also jealous of the cool cover, designed by Damonza.

I can’t say much about the book because I haven’t read it.  I’m waiting to read it until after my book 3 is published (July, hopefully). But that shouldn’t stop you from reading it — unless you haven’t read the other two. If that’s the problem, why not pick them up now and catch up? Then we can giggle and read book 3 around the same time.



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Demon Mania rocked it

demon_maniaA few weeks ago, I finished Harvey Click’s sequel to Demon Frenzy, titled: Demon Mania. I absolutely love Harvey’s writing, and though I tried mightily, I couldn’t resist emailing him and saying how awed I was by his storytelling abilities.

I won’t bog this post down with a synopsis, except to say it starts not too long after book 1 left off, with Amy (the main character)  being forced to dip back into a world she thought she’d left behind. Fans of the last book will rejoice at old characters returning (this was my absolute favorite part — all the characters). I loved the demonology, the realistic magic I call “magical realism” (I’m sure someone else has coined the phrase already).

I’m looking forward to as many more books as he’s willing to put out. Honestly, having read all his books so far, the guy could write a shopping list and I’d read it.

If you haven’t read book 1, you’re in for a treat — here’s the cover by Keith Draws (a great artist). Buy it, I promise you’ll love it.




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Harvey Click’s Sequel to Demon Frenzy is out — woot

I bought the book today. Demon Mania. I love the cover — can’t wait to tuck into it. The book, I mean.



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Please welcome E.E. Giorgi to the Awesome Indie list

E.E. Giorgi was probably the easiest discovery/addition to the list yet. Originally recommended to me by mega-indie Nicholas Sansbury Smith, she’d won the Reader’s Choice Award, and a B.R.A.G medal. With all this cool stuff, how could I resist?

chimeras_giorgiIt took me a while to get to it because my TBR list is always pretty full. Then P.T. Hylton read her book — wouldn’t shut up about it — and I kept seeing it here and there in various nooks and crannies of the Internet, but my TBR list wasn’t getting any shorter. Then one day I pushed her book to the top of the list and read it — and it was stunning. This is the real/hard sci-fi I remember from growing up: fiction with real science as a critical plot element, and nary a Heisenberg Inhibitor in sight. And get this: E.E. Giorgi’s actually a scientist. A geneticist, to be precise. I imagine she says “that’s very significant” and “indubitably” and “we’re not gods, damn you!” about twenty times a day.

Let me just say, if I had a job where I got to say “indubitably” that often, I’d be the happiest boy in the world.

The basic plot of Chimeras, her award-winning novel is there’s been a murder, and only Detective Track Presius — a genetic Chimera (a real scientific term) — can figure out who the killer is. Okay, he has help along the way from his incredibly funny and wise partner Satish, and a beautiful lab geek named Diane (who works with the police). Together, they make literary music. I love the hard-boiled style Giorgi writes in, reminiscent of Raymond Chandler, as well as the emotional depths she takes us in this story about a virtual outcast of a man with superhuman senses. By the time you finish the book, if you’re not shaking your fist at the sky shouting, “We’re not gods, damn you…!” then nothing can help you.


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Please welcome “Awesome Indie” E.J. Robinson

e_j_robinsonI think it was back in November when E.J. Robinson contacted me about reading his book, Robinson Crusoe 2244in complete contravention of the Awesome Indie Compendium of Stuffy Rules: “I won’t take any free books from people, nor respond to lobbying efforts.

These indie authors, I tell you. Running around and messing things up for everyone, that’s what. Don’t they know the best way to get noticed is to write a novel, send out queries for 10 years — no simultaneous submissions — and hope a meteor strikes a convention center filled with the top trad-pub authors in their genre? That’s what I used to do, by cracky, and I learned to like it. By cracky.

Anyway, I picked up his book…I read it…and loved it!  What a great story. Excellent writing. I contacted E.J. Robinson and told him I was interested in having him included in my list of upstart indie authors, the Awesome Indies. He agreed, and here’s his book…just over there, off on the left side of the screen. Go ahead, scroll down a little, that’s it, do I have to tell you everything?

Robinson Crusoe 2244 — funny name, considering how the author’s name is Robinson. Just the kind of story a cheeky indie author would pen. (If you were to attach electrodes to both ends of Daniel DeFoe’s coffin, you could power a small city for a year, he’s spinning in his grave so quickly).

Imagine our world, after a great and terrible war, devastated by genetically engineered diseases that turned huge swaths of the population into hideous monsters called “renders.” Now insert a young hero living in an oppressive society that grew up out of that destruction, and that’s the crucible for this book. Very well executed, too. Had me on the edge of my seat or cheering or laughing in all the appropriate places. There are certain parallels to the original story (of course), and I kept looking for those moments when they’d pop up. What great fun. Still, I hate to say “no spoilers” when it’s influenced by such a popular tale. Suffice to say our young hero is shipwrecked in a “wasteland filled with unspeakable horrors,” as his blurb states.

Get the ebook here while supplies last! —


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Love the new artwork for Harvey Click’s “Demon Frenzy”

Not just a good book, but also a good look.


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Picked up a nice blog review of “Kick,” by author C.W. Thomas

What a surprise when I found out about this today (spoiler alert, he liked it):

Over on the right side of his blog I noticed he also recommends Harvey Click’s book “The Bad Box.” In the back of all my books, I mention the Awesome Indies. Assuming that’s how Mr. Thomas discovered the book, I’m glad to see my attempt at cross-marketing being successful.  Way to go Harvey.


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Author E.J. Robinson Reviews “Thief’s Odyssey”

Right on the heels of Kattie Hamstead Teller’s wonderful review of Fool’s Ride comes another nice blog review of my latest book “Thief’s Odyssey.”

Here’s a lovely quote I snagged:

“John’s work here is reminiscent of Donald Westlake, one of the masters of the genre. And that’s one of the highest compliments I can give because Westlake’s work is all about immersing you into the world of real criminals doing real crimes.”

I totally have to pick up something from this “Donald Westlake” fellow — sounds right up my alley.


One thing about E.J. Robinson: I read his book and told him how much I loved it. He turned around and read all of mine (hehe). About two months ago, long before he’d written his blog review, I’d asked him to join the ranks of the Awesome Indies. He plans to, but wants to do a final sweep through his book to make it absolutely perfect for an upcoming promo he’s doing. I admire his professionalism. In respect of his wishes, I’m holding off the “official” announcement until later. But stay tuned!


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Awesome Indie Carol Ervin #1 Bestseller

Check it out (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2015-03-14 17.09.12

Update: Carol at #11

Screenshot 2015-03-14 21.54.50


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Awesome Indie Carol Ervin is on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast!

I’m so happy for her — she’s come a long way from when I first read “Girl On The Mountain.”

Check it out:


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