Just received my best critical review yet

By critical review, I mean he didn’t overwhelmingly love the book. And yes, I want everyone to give me 5 stars and send me checks for $100 with every download, but there’s a part of me that wants to know where the bottom is (so to speak). In Daniel’s review, he discusses the parts of Kick that he liked and the parts he was disappointed with. And overall, I agreed with him.  He’s also agreed to read the sequel (whenever that happens).

Another thing I like about this review, as well as the reviewer personally, is that he expresses his lack of enthusiasm with indie publishing, and that he found my book to be more enjoyable than many traditionally published books. I call that a win.

Here’s the review, which I’m linking to with his permission:


Bonus material:

I was intrigued enough by Daniel’s reviews that I followed him like a stalker to his website (http://www.thewayofslowtravel.com/).  If you enjoyed his review, maybe pop over there and see what else he has to say? (disclaimer: he didn’t ask me to plug his site, I just felt like it).



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8 responses to “Just received my best critical review yet

  1. I think Daniel writes well, and honestly in his review. He does say, though, that the story is ‘original and the writing is snappy and fun, making it a quick and memorable read.’ Compliments like that, would make me believe the book is worth more than three stars.

  2. He’s a tough reviewer, but there’s a flip side to such a positive 3 star review. People looking at whether they want to read a book often go right to the more critical reviews to see “the real deal.” Thanks to Daniel, they’ll learn that my book is “original and the writing is snappy and fun” – and not that it has 500 spelling mistakes and reads like someone’s homework assignment int he 8th grade.

  3. That was a helpful review, and I appreciate the reviewer’s awakening to the fact that independently published books may be found that are equal to traditionally published ones. A 3 on Goodreads is like a 4 on Amazon, IMO. I’m glad you sent him the book.

  4. Thanks Carol, and agree on the star comparison to Amazon 🙂

  5. Hi John! Thank you for taking my review in such stride, and thanks for writing me in the first place. I wanted to make sure my review was objective and impartial even though you’re the one who brought Kick to my attention; which is harder to do than it sounds when you’re not reviewing, say, Stephen King and he doesn’t give a crap about a single Internet review…

    I sincerely do hope the review helps your book. I certainly respond better to honest, critical reviews that have something positive and nuanced to say, than just 5-star gushing reviews. In this day and age of aggressive Internet marketing, 5-star reviews by self-published writers are difficult to trust, because they may be the product of effective self-promotion, not a reflection of inherent quality.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your book in such a fearless, gracious manner! I hope I have your humility and openness to criticism if/when I publish something of my own. 🙂

    • Daniel, I’d love to see anything you write one day. I look forward to a cool Slow Travel book (for instance). My wife and I were just going over your site about 1/2 hr ago, clicking around. It’s a beautiful site, very well done. We love what you did, quitting that IT job to go to various countries (where you did video games and other things). That’s pretty rugged, man. My wife and I are trying to get out of our own lifestyle. Like you, we feel we’re living someone else’s dream sometimes.

      Cheers man, and thanks again!

      • triseult

        Thank you so much for your kind words!

        Tell you what… As soon as I have something I can share, I’ll send you a gift copy, and will accept any and all criticism you throw at it with grace and enthusiasm!! 🙂

        Would be very happy to help if you’re looking for lifestyle redesign advice. I have a bad habit of reinventing my life every 2-3 years, these days!

      • Gifting me a book: would love it. And I’ll let you know what I think. Mainly though, I just wanna read it because I’m interested.

        Lifestyle change:
        We want to move off the east coast, more centrally, and do some microfarming and, if possible, work from home. I’m an IT guy too, so the opportunities are there, and I’m following up on a few now.

        Cheers man!

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