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American Glory

 The following story first appeared in the charity anthology “Authors off the Shelf”.  If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy of the anthology, which is filled to overflowing with stories and poems and even dinner recipes.  All proceeds go to charity.


American Glory

by John L. Monk

There’s a town in America few people outside of a hundred miles ever heard of. It had never won an award for the prettiest flowers in the state or grown the biggest pumpkin or squash or had the biggest pig at the state fair. One of the fifth-graders went to the national spelling bee once, but she couldn’t spell “chauffeur” and got sent home. Not even an English word, the locals said.

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Review: Bloody Zombies, by Victoria Leybourne!

Another hot tip from the Oracle of all things Indie, Lindy Moone. She hasn’t failed me yet, so looking forward to this sometime in the future, even though I “don’t read zombie books.” First time for everything.


This is my first book review in ages… but I just had to say how much I love this tongue-in-cheeky little book set in a “hormone-soaked” all-girls school. The narrator — an English teacher — doesn’t just have awesome language skills; she has guts and brains and knows how to use them.

What do you expect from a lady whose given name is Boadicea? For one thing, you might expect her to wield a mean field hockey stick and cricket bat. And she does.

So when the sexy new science teacher invites Boadicea out, who will end up keeping their “Braaiinnnns”?

“Chaps and chapesses” alike should be amused by all the drooling, oozing goings-on.

As for me, I give Victoria Leybourne’s novella  5 gold stars. Or diamonds. Or whatever.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Oh, and after I read the book, I invited her to contribute a story to the troll anthology. Nuf said?

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Added a new menu thing

I wanted to showcase some of the funny pieces I’ve done on the blog, but didn’t feel the little categories drop down quite did it.  So I added a little menu item up top called “Fun” and put all the links to things like “Ten years from now” and “Mutaphysics” into it.


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Trying to come up with a name for my next book…

I’ve been kicking ideas around, looking for a title for my next book.  Ideas:

  1. Of Rodents And Male Homo Sapiens
  2. That Which Belongs To The Person Who Rang A Bell
  3. A Story Occurring Simultaneously Within Two Urban Centers.
  4. Diminutive Females
  5. The Better Than Average Gatsby
  6. The Nobleman In Charge Of The Rings.
  7. The Appropriately Hydrated Raisins Of Anger.
  8. Interview With A Lawyer.
  9. The Request Of The Feral.
  10. How The Peddler Got Whacked.

My big concern is making something unique so people will think, “Hey, that John L. Monk guy is pretty unique.”


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Funny blog I read today

Tooling around at “awriterstouch” (in my links), I found: http://beidealistic.wordpress.com/

Incredibly funny blog by a very good writer. No idea if the author is published, but will be if he/she wants to be, I’m sure of it.


The two posts I read are funny, but there’s some serious stuff here too.


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