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Trying to come up with a name for my next book…

I’ve been kicking ideas around, looking for a title for my next book.  Ideas:

  1. Of Rodents And Male Homo Sapiens
  2. That Which Belongs To The Person Who Rang A Bell
  3. A Story Occurring Simultaneously Within Two Urban Centers.
  4. Diminutive Females
  5. The Better Than Average Gatsby
  6. The Nobleman In Charge Of The Rings.
  7. The Appropriately Hydrated Raisins Of Anger.
  8. Interview With A Lawyer.
  9. The Request Of The Feral.
  10. How The Peddler Got Whacked.

My big concern is making something unique so people will think, “Hey, that John L. Monk guy is pretty unique.”


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