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Review: Tails Of The Apocalypse

It’s been such a long time since I’ve read any fiction from an animal’s perspective, and of those, only Watership Down and Tailchaser’s Song come to mind. So it was with some trepidation that I picked up Tails Of The Apocalypse. After all, it has to be pretty hard to write fiction with animals either central to the plot or the main characters outright. Right? Maybe for me that’d be true, but not for the authors involved in the project. I found myself cheering or even holding my breath as each plot unfolded, though more often I was moved to regions sentimental. Because it is the apocalypse we’re talking about here. Dangerous things, apocalypses… Throw in some faithful animals that never hurt anyone and you’re bound break a few hearts. (I swear, if you’re not crying by the end of Chris Pourteau’s or Stefan Bolz’ stories, you might not have a soul).

One other thing I liked about the collection was how the worlds were often very unique. Perhaps the most unique was Hank Garner’s story of the first apocalyptic story in human history (I’ll let that tease you a little … you gotta read it). From a storytelling perspective, I’d say the authors did a great job, collectively — and for a very good cause. For every copy sold, $1 goes to the charity Pets For Vets. It’s win and more win everywhere you turn. Be a winner and get your copy today (click image below).






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Nick Cole taps John L. Monk to ride shotgun in the zombie apocalypse

Check out this hilarious interview with Apocalypse Weird creator Nick Cole:


As you can see, Nick’s a very intelligent guy who knows a good zombie hunter when he sees one. You know my motto: “The only good zombie is a dead zombie.”


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Review: Bloody Zombies, by Victoria Leybourne!

Another hot tip from the Oracle of all things Indie, Lindy Moone. She hasn’t failed me yet, so looking forward to this sometime in the future, even though I “don’t read zombie books.” First time for everything.


This is my first book review in ages… but I just had to say how much I love this tongue-in-cheeky little book set in a “hormone-soaked” all-girls school. The narrator — an English teacher — doesn’t just have awesome language skills; she has guts and brains and knows how to use them.

What do you expect from a lady whose given name is Boadicea? For one thing, you might expect her to wield a mean field hockey stick and cricket bat. And she does.

So when the sexy new science teacher invites Boadicea out, who will end up keeping their “Braaiinnnns”?

“Chaps and chapesses” alike should be amused by all the drooling, oozing goings-on.

As for me, I give Victoria Leybourne’s novella  5 gold stars. Or diamonds. Or whatever.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Oh, and after I read the book, I invited her to contribute a story to the troll anthology. Nuf said?

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