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American Glory

 The following story first appeared in the charity anthology “Authors off the Shelf”.  If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy of the anthology, which is filled to overflowing with stories and poems and even dinner recipes.  All proceeds go to charity.


American Glory

by John L. Monk

There’s a town in America few people outside of a hundred miles ever heard of. It had never won an award for the prettiest flowers in the state or grown the biggest pumpkin or squash or had the biggest pig at the state fair. One of the fifth-graders went to the national spelling bee once, but she couldn’t spell “chauffeur” and got sent home. Not even an English word, the locals said.

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Best-of album ftw…

So what do your favorite bands do when they want to make a bunch of money but they don’t want to do any new work?  Why, they create a “best-of” album, of course. Or at least, they used to.  These days, a lot of people buy music one song at a time and make their own “album.”  Anyway, to those new to the blog, here’s what various family members, co-workers, luckless neighbors and fair-weather friends were forced to admit was “ok, I guess…we done here?”



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