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Review: Tails Of The Apocalypse

It’s been such a long time since I’ve read any fiction from an animal’s perspective, and of those, only Watership Down and Tailchaser’s Song come to mind. So it was with some trepidation that I picked up Tails Of The Apocalypse. After all, it has to be pretty hard to write fiction with animals either central to the plot or the main characters outright. Right? Maybe for me that’d be true, but not for the authors involved in the project. I found myself cheering or even holding my breath as each plot unfolded, though more often I was moved to regions sentimental. Because it is the apocalypse we’re talking about here. Dangerous things, apocalypses… Throw in some faithful animals that never hurt anyone and you’re bound break a few hearts. (I swear, if you’re not crying by the end of Chris Pourteau’s or Stefan Bolz’ stories, you might not have a soul).

One other thing I liked about the collection was how the worlds were often very unique. Perhaps the most unique was Hank Garner’s story of the first apocalyptic story in human history (I’ll let that tease you a little … you gotta read it). From a storytelling perspective, I’d say the authors did a great job, collectively — and for a very good cause. For every copy sold, $1 goes to the charity Pets For Vets. It’s win and more win everywhere you turn. Be a winner and get your copy today (click image below).






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For Whom The Bell Trolls: a very special anthology

In 2013, Lindy Moone approached me with an opportunity of a lifetime: assist her in editing the world’s very first troll anthology (which she calls an “antrollogy” because she’s weird like that).

The stories run the gamut of genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Literary, Horror. Superbly formatted, the collection is of the highest quality. And, in what may be a first in indie publishing (certainly a rarity), the book is ILLUSTRATED.

Lindy Moone is an amazing artist. Her work blends gestalt hyper-realism with Byzantine transversalism, or so they say in Continental circles (minus breakaway segments from the cubist school of gnostic henism — bunch of barbarians, if you ask me).

Anyway … the collection is up for pre-order over on Amazon. If you buy it now, you will be the first in hopefully a long list of contributors to a worthy charity: Equality Now, a group that seeks to advance the rights of girls and women around the world.

Here’s the book!


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Funniest short story I’ve ever read — in my life…

Mike Resnick wrote a story for “Beyond the Sun”, an anthology with a ton of great authors. I’ve only read his story, titled, “Observation Post”.

Hat Tip to Carol Kean for bringing this to my attention.  I now feel like giving up writing, it was so good.  But I won’t, there’s too much money in being an indie author.  Next week, if things go the way I hope with my sales in the United States and Europe, I’m hoping to buy some gum. Not just any gum, either: Hubba Bubba. That’s right baby…


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Paperback of the charity anthology now available ($6.64)

I got my copy today.


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Greek Fire and Other Burning Tales

I thought this was an interesting way to review an anthology, though it probably isn’t “unusual.”
Disclaimer: I’m neither endorsing nor outdorsing this 35 page collection of flash fiction. I’m simply highlighting an interesting review 🙂

Dynamite Review

greek fire

Greek Fire and Other Burning Tales By: Dennis B. Boyer


As each one is struck, a new, burning tale is ignited.

Although these seven very-short stories, or works of “flash fiction”, are quick to extinguish, they are still highly incendiary— and quite capable of scorching.

A military commander considers the incredible claims of his enemy. Today is the day they’ve promised to unleash their doomsday weapon and rain fire from the sky.

A firefighter pulls an orphan out of a building consumed by flames. She alone has been spared among the tragic loss of young life. But there is something strange about this emotionally distant girl who refuses to speak…

When his two adult sons find nothing but a pile of ashes upon their elderly father’s favorite recliner, they are forced to consider the strange events of Christmas Eve. One is convinced that this is a rare case of…

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Authors off the Shelf — Charity anthology of short fiction, poetry and recipes

A few months ago, I got an opportunity to donate a short story to the folks at Lazy Beagle Entertainment for inclusion in an anthology of short work they were putting together.  Because I’m well-known for my charitable ways, I donated the left hemisphere of my brain to the task.  The right side was busy computing prime numbers (working on a new record). The name of my contribution is “American Glory” — a fascinating tale that’s been likened to Dickens, Hemingway, and Ray Bradbury combined, except “better.”  Just saying…
Anyway, please follow the link below to get your copy:

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