For Whom The Bell Trolls: a very special anthology

In 2013, Lindy Moone approached me with an opportunity of a lifetime: assist her in editing the world’s very first troll anthology (which she calls an “antrollogy” because she’s weird like that).

The stories run the gamut of genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Literary, Horror. Superbly formatted, the collection is of the highest quality. And, in what may be a first in indie publishing (certainly a rarity), the book is ILLUSTRATED.

Lindy Moone is an amazing artist. Her work blends gestalt hyper-realism with Byzantine transversalism, or so they say in Continental circles (minus breakaway segments from the cubist school of gnostic henism — bunch of barbarians, if you ask me).

Anyway … the collection is up for pre-order over on Amazon. If you buy it now, you will be the first in hopefully a long list of contributors to a worthy charity: Equality Now, a group that seeks to advance the rights of girls and women around the world.

Here’s the book!



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