Greek Fire and Other Burning Tales

I thought this was an interesting way to review an anthology, though it probably isn’t “unusual.”
Disclaimer: I’m neither endorsing nor outdorsing this 35 page collection of flash fiction. I’m simply highlighting an interesting review 🙂

Dynamite Review

greek fire

Greek Fire and Other Burning Tales By: Dennis B. Boyer


As each one is struck, a new, burning tale is ignited.

Although these seven very-short stories, or works of “flash fiction”, are quick to extinguish, they are still highly incendiary— and quite capable of scorching.

A military commander considers the incredible claims of his enemy. Today is the day they’ve promised to unleash their doomsday weapon and rain fire from the sky.

A firefighter pulls an orphan out of a building consumed by flames. She alone has been spared among the tragic loss of young life. But there is something strange about this emotionally distant girl who refuses to speak…

When his two adult sons find nothing but a pile of ashes upon their elderly father’s favorite recliner, they are forced to consider the strange events of Christmas Eve. One is convinced that this is a rare case of…

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