Author E.J. Robinson Reviews “Thief’s Odyssey”

Right on the heels of Kattie Hamstead Teller’s wonderful review of Fool’s Ride comes another nice blog review of my latest book “Thief’s Odyssey.”

Here’s a lovely quote I snagged:

“John’s work here is reminiscent of Donald Westlake, one of the masters of the genre. And that’s one of the highest compliments I can give because Westlake’s work is all about immersing you into the world of real criminals doing real crimes.”

I totally have to pick up something from this “Donald Westlake” fellow — sounds right up my alley.


One thing about E.J. Robinson: I read his book and told him how much I loved it. He turned around and read all of mine (hehe). About two months ago, long before he’d written his blog review, I’d asked him to join the ranks of the Awesome Indies. He plans to, but wants to do a final sweep through his book to make it absolutely perfect for an upcoming promo he’s doing. I admire his professionalism. In respect of his wishes, I’m holding off the “official” announcement until later. But stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Author E.J. Robinson Reviews “Thief’s Odyssey”

  1. stevecampbellfl

    Donald Westlake? That’s high praise indeed. Bask in the well-earned glory. (I find myself suddenly in the mood to reread some of the old Dortmunder novels)

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